Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 84

“I ENJOY MYSELF, BUT MY CRAVING FOR SUCCESS DOESN’T PERMIT ME TO BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN DEADLY SERIOUS FOR THINGS I AM SERIOUS ABOUT.” POINT BREAK: The Abaco Club on Winding Bay features the finest homes on the island. year,” says Clarke. “Amateurs can make the course a lot shorter though, and just enjoy the challenge around the greens, which is considerable!” His latter comment refers to the many greens shaped like upturned saucers a la Dornoch, or Pinehurst in North Carolina. Miss them by a few inches and the evil slopes escort the ball from the green. The connoisseur will love it here, but so will the thrill-seeker, with peerless views from several holes, especially the all-world last four climax, where the serene beauty of Winding Bay is replaced by the rugged, crashing waves of the Atlantic. Clarke tackles the course but will more likely grind on the practice ground. His friendly, easy-going persona may suggest a laissez-faire approach to life, but in fact, he is the secret nerd who plays the fool in class but works assiduously at home. “All is not what it seems. I enjoy myself, but my craving for success doesn’t permit me to be anything other than deadly serious for things I am serious about,” he says. “I am very organized, and plan meticulously a long way in advance. I like to know what I’m doing. I am the polar opposite to those people that leave things to chance.” Yet his considerable work ethic and deep thinking hasn’t always been beneficial. Since winning the world’s oldest major in 2011, Clarke’s game has been variable, yet he played well at the 2016 Open at Royal Troon. Rather than savor the victory, he was restless and agitated. Perhaps he felt he must prove himself a worthy Open champion. “The week after the Open was a bit of a blur, a lot of fun. But then after that I threw myself into practicing harder. I still am, and I’ve been like that my whole career. I won my first tournament in 1993, 82 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE ASPIRE | ISSUE ONE 83