Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 72

CALL OF THE COAST: At home on Cape Cod, where Deitch spends summers. ENDLESS SUMMER: A PRESCIENT PERSPECTIVE “What is the definition of retirement? It’s when people focus on what they really want to do,” says Deitch. “Adults regularly postpone their full enjoyment of life until they’re at the end of their most productive years, and that struck me as illogical. So when I was 20, I decided I was going to retire now.” He never took another required course and focused instead on what appealed to him. He also convinced the school that his self-assembled curriculum of economics, philosophy, political science, religion, and history classes constituted a cross-disciplinary International Relations degree. A typical trajectory was never in Deitch’s cards. After graduating Penn in 1972, he wished his friends good luck as they marched off to graduate school or corporate jobs and made his way to Cape Cod. There he paid homage to The Endless Summer—a movie that follows surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave—and set other plans in motion. “I love the summer—it’s a state of mind,” he says. Not surprisingly, Joe decided to extend his summer and “expand the dream” by following the warm sunshine south. He borrowed some money from his sister and bought a one-way ticket to St. Croix, a tropical island where his American citizenship would allow him to work. There, his first job had him in charge of the beach shack at a resort. “On my first day, I learned to snorkel; on my second day, I was teaching snorkeling. On my third day, I learned to sail; on my fourth day, I was teaching sailing,” he recalls as we make our way in his Mase ɅѤEՅɽє)Ѽ́ ݕѠЁͥ) ѽ+q%ɕɽа$݅́хѡɽ)́Ʌٕt̸ͅq1Ёչ)$ѡ՝Ё$ձѡ)Uչѕ䰁́ɽ܁ȁ)Ёոݸ䁱ѡ)͔ѡЁѡͥʹ)'eٔ݅́ɥѼɔиMՍ́́)չѥ͔ͥ)%ݔɅͽѡѡЁ́Ѽ)ȁ͗QЁݱ́)ݡݔɔQԁݡ)͡ɔѡЁͥͅӊéѡɥф)ѡ!Ʌt) QQH5=UMQI@()ѕȁ啅ȁMи) ɽఁɕɹѼ ѽq$)ѡ՝$ٔх)ɽͥɅЁ$͕M$)͕Ʌݡ́)ݡѡȁѽ今tQЁե䁕ٽٕ)Ѽͥхєٕѵ)аձѥѕ䰁)ݡѥЁѽѡȸ!)չ́ݸɴ)ѡ ɥɽЁก%Ё݅)ɥѡɽѠѡ́Ёͥ)ѡЁɕ͍Ё͕ѕ)эͅ܁ѡЁ٥ͽ)ݕɔЁݕ͕ٕ)ٕѵЁɽɅɵ̸!٥ͥ)ЁѕȸMѕȁЁݼ啅()]!P%LQ!%9%Q%=8=IQ%I59P%SeL]!8A=A1= UL=8]!P)Q!dI11d]9PQ<<(()%MMU=9MA%I()A!=Q< d51%MM5!=9dA!=Q=IA!d(+qͻeЁٕ役)ٔѕɕѥ)ѽtͭ) ݕѠ)9ݽɬ)չȁ)ɵ)э)]eɔЁ܁)ɽѡɅхѥ)ݗeٔɕ䁍ٕɕ)ѡ́ɽݥ)ѡɽͥѡɅ́ ѽ)ѡͽ)ѡ́хѥѡɅ䰁+qɕѥɥtЁ쁅܁٥)Mи ɽѕȁ͕݅́)ɵ́٥ܸQͅэذ)́ɅѥQѡЁ)̃qѕɕѥѽwQ́)չхѕи)Q̰ѕȁ́ݡѕѕѼ) ѽéѽФՉ͍)ѡѠɅѡɽ)ѡ]ѽMЁѡUٕͥ䁽)Aم͔eɕѥ)Q饹ɽЁѡ)Ё͍ͥ́ѡչ丁 )ͽɔ啅Ȱѡ՝eѡ)չɝɅՅєͥ́Ʌѥ)݅ͻeЁȁѡЁ݅́͡иM)ѡѡ!qɕѥɕt()MA%I%MMU=9((((0