Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 62

REL ISH house and make up a small percentage of the overall production. (But in truth, many non-vintage Champagnes benefit from a couple of years in the cellar, too.) The taste profile of older Champagne may take getting used to—they develop a mellow nuttiness, a notable richness, and bubbles become finer. But it’s easy to get hooked on their elegance and precision. Luckily, most wine auctions offer a small, steady selection of Champagnes with some age already on them. Per Holmberg, head of U.S. wine sales for Christie’s, says he’s seen increased interest in the “acquired taste” that OEONOPHILE > BETTING ON BUBBLY Sophisticated wine cellars aren’t only defined by robust reds. Wine critic Ted Loos explains that Champagne gets much better with age, too. PERHAPS THE NO. 1 MISTAKE MADE BY ASPIRING wine collectors is forgetting to cellar vintage Champagne along with their other wines. Not only can the best Champagnes age, they must, to reach their full potential. That may be news to some who love Champagne merely as a celebratory drink, and even to those who are sophisticated enough to pair France’s extraordinary sparkling wine alongside a meal’s first course (which everyone should do!). But cellar-to-stellar Champagne is old hat to those who make and sell the world’s best bubblies. 60 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE “Our Champa vW2&R&VǒVBF&RvVB( 607&FV'VRv'V2FRW&6'W6W72`6vR&ƖvW"RbFRVvVF'W6W2`FR&VvfVFVB#R7F&VV&W'2&VpV6VVvFF7FRFR#B&ƖvW"7V67Wl:RvVWVfVBFGv&VwV"&GFW2( ėBBF0g&W6W72FR6RB7&V֖W72FRF^( @FFǒ6&7FW&7F2b&ƖvW"( 62FV'VRv7FgVǒ( ėBv27FƗfR( ХFR&'f7W2f"6V7F'22fFvRFW6vFV@6vRv6FVBF&RFRvW7BVƗGg&V6&GFƖw2'FR7VB&GV6W"7VW06V76RrfFvW2b2FRw&VVGWF2bFR7B6WRFV6FW2'W@FW&^( 26FW&W7B#B#BFFFǒ6WfW&g&FR2&Pvǒ6VvBgFW"6VFr"PB'WBbR&R6&B2FFRWF2WV6fRBFVƖ6W2&BFW&P&RfWrFFF'Wv'FFW2( FR6W"FR&WGFW"f"7F&vR( 60&W&r( 6vR2g&vRƖPFW"vFRvW27BvW2vR6VWFVBSRFVw&VW2'WBf 6vRƗGFRvW"2&W7BWfVࠣ FR&'f7W2f"6V7F'22fFvVFW6vFVB6vRv6FVBF&RFPvW7BVƗGg&V6W6RBRW6W&6VFvRbFRfW&&GV7Fগ2FW"'V&&ǒW7BvFW72FRC〦֖Ɩ6RB6&7F^( 2Wr&7@7&rFBfVGW&VBFV2bvV@6vW26VFrw&VBFХ :&vfFvW2bFR2आ&W&rFW2FBFgV`&GV6W'2BfFvW2RBFV7F6ǒ&V6W6RFWfRFPG&6&V6&BFFWfVfW"FRF226FVv'vW&RFRfR&@&V2GFW'2&V6W6RFR&W7@W6W2gFV7&gB7V6ǒFW6vFV@fFvR'V&&ƖW2FVG2rFR7V6&V2Fr&P&ƖvW"fVW2fvW2g&:v6SFGFvW"6FW2FR6vSfWWfR6Ɩ7VBw&BFS6RW6ò'Vr62GRW6òV0&VFW&W"7&7FòB6WfW&7V6FvFCFVw&VW2B&GFW2W7@&RǖrFV"6FW26FR6&7F0V֖B( ƖRvW26vRvW0&WGFW"&vW"f&B&GFW2Fआ&W&rw2vW&VbR7V>( @R7F'fV2BFRV'bFP6V"bFRF&66V&W72F&2GVRv6vVBFR&6B6&7F^( 0#BBB6vW2FFp&6F#( 6RBFV7F&VB6fW'FVBVB6W.( FBv26B@FWGW&VBfW'6vǒ( &W&p&V62( FRvW2vW&R7Fg&W6FP'V&&W2W&fV7Fǒfv&W2( vR6V@vR6w&6VgVǒࠤ5$R55TRPc