Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 42

H AU TE FAC TO R 7 6 8 COVETED > 9 10 61 AUTODROMO GROUP B Autodromo makes gorgeous, limited-edition timepieces that are accurate, with Miyota movement. Known for rugged design, they’re made of both stainless steel and titanium. Though relatively affordable, the Group B series are all limited-run models, only sold in batches of 200. Group B is a tribute to the “Killer B” era in rally racing in the early 1980s, when the cars were incredibly powerful and yes, deadly. But they were also exotic, expensive, and exceptionally cool. Hence the watches are gorgeous and look like bold, stylish instruments. From $925; 7 HADORO PHONE CASES Want an iPhone that’s more than just a phone? Hadoro makes cases in alligator, gold, carbon fiber and ostrich as well as other leathers, starting at around $330. But the way to go truly exclusive is to order 40 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE one of their built-to-order phones, where the custom alligator, carbon fiber, gold, or diamond cases actually replace the ordinary phone’s shell, so you get both a better protected 128MB iPhone (unlocked) and one with an entirely unique appearance. From $3,200; 8 FREDERIQUE CONSTANT SMARTWATCH A Swiss consortium have debuted smartwatches akin to their traditional analog brethren. Our favorite is the series from Frederique Constant that feature diamond-cut hands and a traditional complication to display the date. A secondary complication shows your daily activity progress (from 0 to 100). Best of all, the watch pairs to an app that, via the Smartwatch, breaks down your activity, from daily steps, to running, swimming, and sleep. No inputs are required because an accelerometer in the timepiece automatically detects motion. There’s no need for nightly charging since battery life is up to two years. $1,295; 9 RAUMFELD SOUNDDECK Your entertainment room has awesome audio. But what about that den, bedroom, or nook in your weekend place? If you’re not satisfied watching Netflix on an iPad paired to tinny Bluetooth speakers, this is the simple solution. The SoundDeck has nine high-end drivers with clear voice quality and deep, thundering bass, and it emulates gaming and video source surround-sound. And it’s cake to set up, with sound and video handled via a single cable. Pair the SoundDeck to your Wifi network via a simple app and stream music from your own audio library as well as Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music. $1,299; 10 NOBLE AUDIO KAISER 10U With 10 drivers, these are the most audiophile-centric earbuds crafted. Each earpiece is bespoke, formed to your ear’s anatomy after an audiologist takes a mold. Then each bud is 3D printed, and every buyer is able to adjust cosmetics, too, since the lacquer finish allows a subsurface layer of color, precious metals, and other artisan touches. The sound? It’s pure, thanks to FDA-approved (for hearing aids) balanced armature drivers, comprised of a reed inside a casing that vibrates. The result is accurate acoustic reproduction that produces less distortion and is superior to superimposing a “signature” sound default, too often the case with cheaper, off-the-rack earphones. $1,500; ASPIRE | ISSUE ONE 41