Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 12

/ /////// /////////////////////////////////////// EDITOR I N C HI EF WE FURTHER “RESEARCHED” ABACO’S ALLURE. WE SIPPED COCKTAILS WITH THE BARTENDER, WHOSE HARD-EARNED LIFE MOTTOS ARE LEGENDARY. together, we’ve discovered that, sure, there are incredible corners of the world. Ones hugged by postcard-perfect beaches, surrounded by summits, or seemingly paint LETTER > I FIRST MET DAVID SOUTHWORTH at The Abaco Club on Winding Bay. As a travel writer and editor, I was fortunate enough to have journeyed there on a work trip. My job was to capture the essence of the club and to research Great Abaco Island’s local culture. Upon arriving at the front gate and exploring the grounds via golf cart (the Abaco Club’s mode of transport, reflective of its dreamy slower pace), I was immediately sold. “This place has the magic,” I said to my business partner. This, our travel term of real appreciation. Traversing the globe brushed by the desert. But it’s not often you find what we call the magic—that extra oomph defined by I-can’t-wait-toreturn remarks. More often than not, the people you meet, who you travel with, or whom you are visiting also define it. It’s what turns an experience into an indelible memory. We further “researched” Abaco’s allure. We sipped cocktails with bartender Archie Symonette, whose hardearned life mottos are legendary. We toured the area with a longtime local, who fished the finest bonefishing flats. We dined at the The Cliff House restaurant, where David and his family could be found most nights. And the memory of the weekly barbecue at Flippers, practicing the “rake n' scrape” with the DJ under a full moon, remains. So I questioned, when we first pulled into Willowbend on Cape Cod, how it could possibly be on par with Abaco. We had just wrapped a photo shoot with cover star Joe Deitch (see “Master of the Multiplier Effect” page 68) at his oceanfront home on the Cape. From Willowbend’s own Grille Room, we watched the sun set over the working cranberry bogs and the club’s iconic barns. My business partner raised a glass, nodded toward the sunset. “Magic,” she winked. Within these pages, the first issue of ASPIRE magazine by Southworth Development, I hope you’re inspired to discover some magic of your own. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Precedent: Still setting the standard. From the moment it rolled off the assembly line, Precedent® ushered in a new standard for customer experience. The 2017 Precedent continues to set the standard in technology and sophistication with features like built-in connectivity and automotive styling, including premium seats, colors and options packages. Learn more at Happy Reading! ERIN LENTZ ©2016 Club Car, LLC. The PGA name, logos and marks are trademarks of the Professional ϊdͽѥɥ((()%MMU=9MA%I()MA%I%MMU=9((((