Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 114

J U ST B AC K F ROM SOCIALSTUDIES Author, screenwriter, and producer Casey Sherman has been a longtime fan of Willowbend. As the Club celebrates 25 years, actor and Cornell student Mike Southworth reveals how the writer of Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy embraces the power of community. appointed as a sales ambassador ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// for the MS: WHAT WAS YOUR MOTIVATION TO LEAD SUCH A HIGH-PROFILE RE-INVESTIGATION INTO THE TRAGIC MURDER OF YOUR AUNT? My family had lingering questions about the case, and I wanted to bring closure to my mother, who was only 17 years old when her sister was stolen from her.  CS: one dalton street, boston MS: WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS YOU LOOK FOR IN A NEW PROJECT OR STORY? Every story has to have a heart—no matter what I write about. I focus on characterdriven stories. In order for a reader to invest in the journey, they have to empathize with or believe in the central characters. william montero My career took a new direction at this time. I had previously been known as a “true crime author” but I wanted to break out of that mold and tell a story of courage and hope.  CS: MIKE SOUTHWORTH: WHEN DID YOU FIRST REALIZE THAT YOU WANTED TO BECOME AN AUTHOR, AND HOW DID YOUR EDUCATION AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY PREP YOU FOR YOUR CAREER? CASEY SHERMAN: As a journalism student at Boston University, I began to re-investigate the murder of my 19-year-old aunt Mary Sullivan at the hands of the notorious Boston Strangler. My work on the case continued during a career at CBS News, and I became known internationally for those efforts. My first book, Search for the Strangler, was born from those efforts. 112 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE MS: NEW PROJECTS IN THE WORKS? I’m currently writing two new books: Above and Beyond, which tells the story of two U-2 pilots thrust into the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Challenge, the inspirational true story of ALS patient Pete Frates and his mission to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through the ice bucket challenge. I am also developing several TV and film projects through my company Whydah Productions.  CS: 617.312.7232 “when i buy and sell real estate in boston, i call will montero” - david southworth principal, president & ceo southworth development llc Marotta / Stringe MS: IN THE FINEST HOURS, WE LEARN THE AMAZING STORY OF COAST GUARDSMAN BERNIE WEBBER AND HOW HIS HEROISM SAVED DOZENS OF LIVES OFF THE COAST OF CHATHAM, MASS. CONSIDERING MANY OF YOUR NON-FICTION NOVELS WRESTLE WITH CRIME, WHY DID THIS SPECIFIC STORY CAPTIVATE YOU? ///// / /////// / /////// / /////// / /////// CS: sold featured listing sold featured listing 130 commonwealth ave. back bay | $11,600,000 163 marlborough st. back bay | $7,695,000 the clarendon, ph1 back bay | $6,500,000 100 beacon st, 2a back bay | $3,200,000 boston luxury real estate ASPIRE | ISSUE ONE 113