Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 108

D E ST I N AT I O N G U I D E > CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Custom homes feature unmatched lake and mountain views; breakfast in bed served with a side of Lake Winnipesaukee; tennis and swimming are among many amenities; outdoor spaces that maximize lakeside living. MEREDITH BAY ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PLAY Access the natural, crystal-blue water from the private swim dock and kayak launch. If something more contained is desired, visit the familyfriendly pool, and activities pavilion. Warm up with a game of tennis before cooling down in its refreshing waters. SWIM LIVE The 410-acre community has 124 home sites, offering discerning homebuyers the opportunity to customize anything from a lakefront townhome to a sprawling estate. All get the benefits of a lakefront community. But it’s not limited to summertime, because homeowners can reap the rewards of lake living 106 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE year-round. And there is a long list of wonderful community activities and amenities to enjoy. EAT Spanish for “lake,” nearby Lago is a beautiful restaurant perched on the water offering an eclectically American menu. For a more classic experience, try the Lakehouse Grille at Church Landing, where the only thing beating the food is the dockside view. Dinner may turn into dancing at Guiseppe’s Ristorante. Glimpse a bird’s-eye view of the area along the n ]]]H[[[X]]Y\Z[]ܚˈ]\ZB\H[HY[[[XZ܋^x&\H\HX\K۸&]Z\B]\][ۜ[\H\[[X\HY\[]HY\X˂RBY\Y]^H\۸&]\܂[[Y\[YH^K[HHۙ[\YZ[\H\ۈX\HB\X\]Y][Z[]\وB[][]K[[YY[[Z[\HX\K[ۋ]\[H[^K]ۈ[] [\YH\HܝX\]ܚ]\˂B]HZH]\x&\[ ^ܙH]ܙ\H[\YX\ ^XZZ[] ܈[܂] XXٙ\HY\[\X]Bۈ][[8&\\\ZKU‚[\[Y\ۙX[]H[ۈHܙ\و][\\x&\ZB[\\]ZYK\ܛ\وH[HX\Y\][[\H]XܙX][ۘ[[[]Y[\\[Y[]Y\[\X\[]BY[]\[ۙK QSHӓ•H[[\[ۈ\˜XX[HHܝZ\H\ ٙ\[™^][YH^\[ۜYHBZHHHY\[\X]KHH[\YۙH[\ٙHYZ[]B[^H[^KX][ۙ\YZ[[\B۸&]H\\[YHB[\\]ZYH^Z\H܂H][\\H]\X‘\][8%YHYX]B[[[H[˂Y\Y]^H\\LZ[]\™Hۋ]ܛ]^K[H\XYB][XܙK[]KZۛ][\[܈HZK\H[Z[Y\]HY[][™[܈XY\˂ԈQUSӐSSԓPUSӈӈQTQUVBSPSTUKTUQTQUVS KTTHTQHӑBL ‚