Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 78

JOHN NARVALI L C.A.P.I.C. NARVALI DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY LTD. ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Deitch Leadership Institute students accepting a business competition award from Babson College; the Commonwealth Triathlon benefited the Buzzards Bay Coalition; Deitch’s Full House Productions produced a dozen Broadway shows. OPPOSITE: Deitch inspires the audience at the Commonwealth National Conference. He’s releasing his debut book, The Knowledge, in 2017. Deitch has numerous hobbies, many of which involve the water. But he’s always loved art and entertainment, especially when it can magically communicate passion and bestow wisdom. After the death of his wife, Robbie, a brilliant psychologist who died in 2006 after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer, he created a theatrical production company with his son, Matt. Full House Productions started with a small $15,000 investment in an Angela Lansbury play on Broadway and went on to coproduce a dozen shows, including the Tony-Award-winning smash Porgy & Bess. Though they concluded their Broadway run in 2012, Deitch still works with Matt on a number of projects, and they both continue to honor Robbie’s spirit and legacy. GIVING BACK In this vein, charitable giving has always been foremost in his thoughts. In addition to Commonwealth Cares, the charitable arm of Commonwealth Financial, and Southworth’s work with Jack Nicklaus to fund numerous children’s charities, Deitch has worked closely with Boston Latin School, creating the Deitch Leadership Institute there. “These kids are so smart and have so much horsepower, I want to help them leverage their abilities and teach them about leadership,” he says. “The more you understand leadership, the more you can apply it to everything you do.” Along with various educational and experiential opportunities, there is also a mini-grant 76 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE program to fund student start-up ideas. And each year, the program identifies Institute fellows who receive paid summer internships at 10 companies in the Boston area. Students are exposed to all aspects of the companies’ businesses, and meet weekly at a host company’s office to share ideas. “It’s called the Multiplier Effect,” Deitch explains as we travel back down Route 128. “Everything you do interacts with everything else, and every time you add another center of excellence, it multiplies and raises the whole enterprise … or life.” SOUTHWORTH DEVELOPMENT: FOSTERING FUN + COMMUNITY “Having a profound impact for good is very important to me in all of our endeavors. We really want to make the world a better place,” he says. That is certainly what has happened at Southworth Development. A longtime close friend of David Southworth, Deitch joined the company in 2006 as chairman and partner. The two met through their sons (who went to grade school together), and today they are creating high-end sporting communities which are welcoming safe havens for individuals and families alike. “I love spending time at our clubs, but I don’t really golf much,” Joe admits. “My friends make the joke that someone suggested I buy some clubs and I misunderstood them.” MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE In all earnestness, his role at Southworth Development has been a natural progression. Deitch saw in David Southworth the same qualities that have been key to his own success. “When I started working with David, his vision for Southworth mirrored ours at Commonwealth—quality and community. At Southworth, we literally build and nurture communities, which is very exciting to me.” The formula—Southworth Development’s winning strategy—is straightforward. “We truly care, and we are incredibly good at making people happy, and he rFVF&VƗRFV"G&V26V6Rv^( &RVrFVF&WF&Rr( Ф2vR&WGW&FFRG&7FFF氦&WBrFVF6( 2VVW2Bg&VG0W7B&R7&VB'F2FW&F&V766RvWVFW2vBf&W2''W6W2fbVvFfGBV'&6W2ƖfRFFRgVW7N( GvWFW"^( 2V&rF67B7&"V6r&ƖF 'W6W72( FRB6VV2fW'v6( ЦR62( ĒFbח6Vb2&BbW&W"VG&W&VWW&W&WvVRfR6&G&WBvW&R^( &PvrBvWfW'Fr2W76FV&BVB'GVGFWffRW2RFG2( vRvWBFR&VVPW2FBGW&7&VFW2&fF&PfVGW&W2WfW'6V6RbFRv&Bp62FCBrV6( Ф5$R55TRPsp