Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 28

/ /////// P U RV EYO RS O F PLAY ///////////////////////////////////////// WHEN TWO BOMBS WENT OFF at the finish line of the Boston THE RIPPLE EFFECT Commonwealth Financial Network’s philanthropic arm has global impact, anchored in the company’s founding principles of community and quality. BY CHRISTINE BENEDETTI 26 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE /////////////////////////// ////////// < GIVE+GET Marathon, Waltham, Mass.-based Commonwealth Financial Network was able to immediately react to the hometown tragedy, which killed three and injured 264, through its philanthropic arm, Commonwealth Cares. The foundation asked its 1,700 advisors to make donations that Commonwealth would then match; in total $250,000 was quickly raised and went directly to people in need, from retrofitting victims’ homes for disability access to psychiatric care for survivors and their families. “It’s the spirit of paying it forward that Commonwealth Cares stands for,” says Wayne Bloom, Commonwealth’s S˂']8&\X]Z[[[][ۜ\˸'B]Hܙ[^][ۈ\۸&][Z]Y\X[[K]ٙX\[X\X\][[YYH\H\˜[Z]Y]\\ۈ\[[Y[]Y[[[۝X[\\Y\\H[\\\ۂX[[۝X[\[Y]X[]H[[][]Kۛ܈]Y\]K[[۝X[\\]\[H\Y]Bو^\ˈۙH\\XHۘ]H‚ܙ[^][ۜ]H\[x&\ۂY\ܜ[\[ۋX\[][]B[[[&\ܛ\[[[X[[\Y]H][ۋ\H\H\[H[ܙH[ ͌X\Y[[ZY]YܚY\[Y[™\\\[YY[\ۛY[[]\\\ܝ܈]\[[X[[[\[]X]]\˂HXۙ\Y[X[ۋ^[\YYY[[[۝X[\\&B\ۜHHۈX[˂[Z[\KY\H[]Bܛ[KYX[[B MX[Y H[[\Y L[[۝X[[][][ۂ[[YYX][HXXYHZ\[[ۙ^B܈ۘ][ۜ˂[H\\YX]B[Y\\K\[[[۝X[ۙ\[\Y\ܜ[[\YY\š]HH[ۈ[ܛ\ZBX]]܈[X[]H[Y]HقY][ۘ[[Z[\ˈ[]ܛX[^H[YXZ[H\X[K\]YYYH[[Y\XHX[HZ[^Z\\܈[[[[ۙ\Y\X[[\][ۘ[\XBڙX˂']8&\ۙH[ۈHZ[]YB][K][\[Z[][H܈[\8'HYKPTSԑHPUBSSӕPSTTԐSKTUSPTT˓ԑ˂'U8&THTUтVRSUԕTUSSӕPSTT”Sԋ'B%VSHKSшSSӕPSSSPSUԒ‚TTHTQHӑB‚