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< F I N E-T U N E D WELLNESS WARRIORS At Willowbend, fitness is always front of mind. Whether acing that tennis swing or taking a Barre class, optimal health is the ultimate luxury. BY ERIN LENTZ “THERE’S NO EASY FIX,” SAYS CYNTHIA LANE. I’m at the Willowbend Fitness Center, a state-of-the-art wellness hub with all the fitness bells and whistles. Upbeat music motivates a nearby group fitness class, while both a high school football player and an older retiree receive private instruction in the main gym. It’s clear that when you come here, you get down to business. But given the gregarious personalities of its trainers, tennis pros, and the aforementioned Lane, Willowbend’s active lifestyle 22 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE programs are also meant to be fun. Yet the anchor of achieving optimal health and fitness hasn’t changed since Lane, Willowbend’s program director, arrived at Willowbend nearly two decades ago. “You’ve got to put the work in,” she explains. And Director of Fitness Denise Holzman, who started with Willowbend 12 years ago, nods in agreement. With today’s longer life expectancy, Willowbend members and guests are demanding more of their training programs. You’ll find all of the necessary, high-tech machines—treadmills, ellipticals, Cybex trainers, upright and recumbent bikes—yet, since the fitness center’s opening in 1994, inspiration is in large part due to its longtime staff. So as both Lane and Holzman have seen fads come and go, one aspect of this center has remained—a team of trainers ready to challenge, connect, and motivate. Willowbend has evolved as the fitness industry has grown, with today’s emphasis on functional movement. “Functional training makes you able to move,” says Lane. “It mimics 3D movement. The bottom line is, you have to start from the beginning, and build yourself up. People are living longer, so health is key.” A former OPPOSITE: Willowbend’s pool, training ground for aspiring swimmers. FROM TOP: State-of-the-art equipment at the Willowbend gym; yoga and meditation are part of daily group classes. really lets members know what our intention is,” says Lane. “We want to help them with their health, whether a beginner, a gym rat, 25 or 80 years old.” And here, golf- and tennis-specific training is as important as squats and Triathlon, supported by Commonwealth Founder and Chairman and Southworth Development Chairman and Partner Joe Deitch, has supported the Buzzards Bay Coalition, which helps preserve Cape Cod’s natural landscape. /////////////////////////////////////// / ////// /////////////////////////////////////// / ////// P U RV EYO RS O F PLAY “WE WANT TO HELP THEM WITH THEIR HEALTH, WHETHER A BEGINNER, A GYM RAT, 25 OR 80 YEARS OLD.” —CYNTHIA LANE professional dancer from New York City, Lane has incorporated her dance background into both group fitness classes and private training. And Willowbend’s annual Fitness Expo, held every June, is a prime example of how the club has further developed its comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Covering the full spectrum of health—think Reiki sessions, yoga, and Pilates paired with massages and a seminar on Alzheimer’s by such trailblazing physicians as Dr. Gad Marshall—the annual expo has quickly become an anticipated member event. “The Expo spinning. “Members will do anything to lower their golf score,” laughs Holzman. To that end, Director of Instruction Danny Caverly, an exceptional golfer and certified trainer from the Titleist Performance Institute, leads golf-centric training and programs, focused on legs, the core, )᥉丁ѕ́ɼ9)YՕ聡́ɽѕ́ɽɅ)ݡѕ́Ѽٕ́ȸ)ѥ䰁]݉́х)ѹ́Ѽѡɽȁ )չ丁]݉]̰)ٕ䁙́q]Ѽ顕ˊeϊt)͕͔ݡѡԁ ݕѠ()Ё]݉ݕ́́х)Ё͕ȁ͕ձ̸ )]݉ȁ̀дͥ)ѕ̰ݥɽɅ)q ́ ͕̳tȁ̀аݕ́аѽȁѡ͔)5]Ѡѡq]]ɭӊt)̰ѹ́́ݕ䁙ոͼqѽ)t͕́ͥ䁅ɕeЁݕ)չ䰁Ѽ]݉éٕɅ)屔ͥ́ձѥѕݡӊé)Ʌѕ()P%P]%11=] 9eL%Q9ML 9QHQUILAI%YQ9I=U@QI%9%9A==0)AI=MM%=90Q99%L %1%Qd=1%9MQIU Q%=895=I]%11=] 9 A = =4)MA%I%MMU=9((((0