Aspire Magazine Issue 1 - Page 22

| LINKED “I’M PROUD OF THE WAY I PLAYED, TO BE CLOSE TO WINNING THREE MAJORS IN A ROW.” FIRST LADY —LYDIA KO Character and class are as important as birdies and bests for golfer Lydia Ko. 20 ISSUE ONE | ASPIRE a challenge is simple: Be gracious, be pleasant, and be complimentary. Ko’s moment of truth came recently, on a sunny afternoon in Sammamish, Wash., located just a few miles from the Microsoft campus that’s peppered with postcard-perfect views. She was leading another major championship, something that had become old hat for the young woman, all of 19 years old. This time it was the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at the historic Sahalee Country Club. With nine holes to play, Ko was two shots ahead, which meant it was all but over. She doesn’t blow leads. Her first Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) victory came when she was 15, making her the youngest winner ever. The Korean-born New Zealander won her first and second major championships at 18 (again, the youngest). She had 12 LPGA trophies and three Ladies European Tour titles before turning 19, and was the youngest player on any tour to reach number one in the world rankings. Every victory set another record, every birdie another milestone. If she closed the deal at Sahalee, Ko would become the Chatchai Somwat /; Upper right photo: Jonathan Ferrey / Stringer W HAT WERE YOU DOING AT AGE 19? Think about not just your best days, those glory moments when you aced an exam, went on an unforgettable date, or landed that internship; but also those times when life’s disappointments punched you in the gut and left you gasping for air. How did you handle it? For Lydia Ko, the greatest teenage golfer in history and an athlete who is mentioned in the same breath with such phenoms as Wayne Gretzky, Martina Hingis, and Pelé, her answer to Sergei Bachlakov / BY STEVE EUBANKS youngest player, man or woman, to win three consecutive '27W'76pVrF'&2vv2ffRF0FW"vVRv2F&BV66sW2FN( 2C`V'2v␤'WBFRVF&RVVBv@&VB6R7BFזV"B6F'&RVFW'6vFR֖R`WGG2FRf&VBF6BcR@FV7GVffVB6WfV֗&F2fVWB7VFFVFVFfb6rFBFRC( vVBvVF( B&R&WGGbv07'r( 6R6BvF6֖RBVv( WVƖW"vrWfW'vW&Rv0v''&WBגWW( Х6RGW&VB6W&W2vFWB6rW 6֖RB6B( ĒrBFRVBbFPFVB&Vǒ6ƖB( &VBbFPvVBF&R66RFvrF&VP'2&rBf"'&RF6@cRFRfFB"6W'6PƖRF2N( 2fW'&W76fRF266PW7BvBWGVB( Ф677&W76R2V7vVRvࠠ&7F6rw&6RvVR6R2&b6WFr7V6FWFb6&7FW FB6W&FW2vBW'2g&w&V@VRFB7VF6֗6vFVFW'6rVvW2B&&FW0Gvw&W2VBvƶVBg&FP'Fw&VVFFR7FFVRvF&7FW&W07&vB&W76VBv7BFRvW'&W26VW&rW"WfW'7FWFRFW"W'0WBFV"VG2Fvf7W6rFPv&VBB6R6VBWfW'WFVFVBBBFV7FVBvV6R6r6v&vFfrgV`WFw&2( vVBRƖRf"RF6vW fs( 6R6VBvVFRvFRWV@6BFFVBF6'Rg&ЦW"&rB67&VBW"RVG6&W"( ĒR^( &RfrgV( Ч6R6B&Vf&RvƶrvvV7BFRFW&VBFVFW'66PvfRFRWr6VrvRFpW"VBvBW"WVƖW"WfW 6V&VBࠢR%dU%2b44t4Re$TeC6VV'&FW0W"vBFRt6F6f0vV( 2V#SFRWrVFW FVW2fbFR6V6BRBFR#`R2vV( 2VB6&FUfRv`6V#7GVFW2WGBBFR6ࠥrDU$dT5BU"5tstt$TBdTEU$U2tT( 55T4d2tbU542BtbԔ5$TBdDU52$u$2tt$TD4T4B4Р5$R55TRP#