Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 91

a poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness. HURRAY!! What this means for you is that with collective consciousness shifting in such a huge way it makes it SO much easier for you to make this shift in your own life and Holistic Business! The time is now for you to stretch and grow in the level of abundan ce that is your divine destiny. I want to share with you my favorite magical tips and tools for shifting your mindset so you can align with the divinely destined abundance that is yours. Magically attracting money and miracles is part of my everyday experience. Every day I attract money and miracles into my life and business. I am SO grateful to for this and I know this is an experience everyone in my life can step into, if they so choose to. 2 SET BOLD MONEY GOALS REGULARLY. Continue to stretch yourself as to what is possible to make in your Holistic Business. Even if you feel like you have taken the BIGGEST leap ever in what you could make in your business, the Divine has an even bigger plan for you. It is your job to get out of your way and continue to stretch ☺ 1 One of my favorite mentors for stretching is Bob Proctor. Bob likes to teach people to make what they normally make in a year in a month. Then he likes to teach them to make that same amount in a day! Why he likes to stretch people in this way is that when they are stretched to such a new level of income they have to dramatically let go of their old, limiting conditioning to reach their new goal. That old conditioning didn’t serve them in any area of their life and the stretch to reach the new bold money goal allowed them to grow and transform in ways that deeply served their spiritual growth. UPLEVEL YOUR MINDSET TO ALIGN WITH MAGIC AND MIRACLES. When you are stuck in money struggles you are caught up the fear and scarcity belief systems that we are in the process of moving out of. See if you can step into what has always been the truth, and it SO much easier to align with now and that is that: This is why the people in our Coaching programs not only dramatically grow their Holistic Business but they also dramatically go through the deepest growth and transformation of their life! They become more of who they came here to be, their highest and best self! 5 MAGICAL WAYS TO ATTRACT MORE MONEY IN YOUR HOLISTIC BUSINESS 91 The time is now for you to stretch and grow in the level of abundance that is your divine destiny.