Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 83

The students that get the greatest success with the 8 Step Relationship Transformation System® I’m teaching you, come back to the Vision exercise every so often and redo it from a better place! YOU CAN START WITH ANSWERING ONE JOURNAL QUESTION… “My ultimate relationship would be like…” As you walk through the exercise of exploring your relationship vision, focus your intention on the “relationship” that you want, not the partner. Don’t limit yourself or your visioning by your partner, your current circumstances or anything. Let your imagination take over and consider this a fantasy exercise. For example: Journal your thoughts and feelings using relationship focus, like “my relationship would be playful”. And avoid partner focus like “my partner would be playful”. Focusing on your partner is a form of blame. And when you blame, you place all the power to change things in the hands of the person you are blaming and render yourself powerless. Don’t do that. Focus on the relationship and what you want to create. And suspend the disbelief that you can create it someday. And yet, here we are…doing exactly that and living in a relationship so far past anything I could have ever dreamed up back then! So everything is possible darling! Suspend disbelief! If I can do it, YOU can do it too! Just getting clear on what you want to create, will empower you with confidence, pur 6RVrBFRbƗfpFVFǞ( b7FVBbƗfrFW"FW"&VF6'FVfVB7F6W'F6VvBgFW"&VF6WW'B7F6W'Fw2FB@ǒFW2R'FW"FG&6f&&VF6( d&VF67F6WBW"W6&BVVvW FfGV2vFFRF2b7G&FVvW2FG&6f&FV"&VF6( fBRF( @VVBW"'FW"F'F6FRFR&6W72f"RFvWBFR&W7VG2RvBW &VF67F6WBV&RFRfVFW'2b&VF6FWfVVB&pB7&VF'2b&VF6\*FFF&VvFV"&w&0BƗfRWfVG27F6WBVVFW6G2bVRG&6f&ЧFV"fR&VF6B2&W2RvWBFǒFP6R7G&FVvW2F&fRW"&VF62G&VBB6W'FfVB'F&&&27F6W26W'FfVB'&vPVGV6F"BFf&6R&WfVF7BFW&F&W7B6VƖpWF"7F6W26VvBgFW"&VF6WW'B76FR@Vvvr7VW"BVFwVW7BB2FR&VF6WW'@f"7&RvR&WGFW"&VF6&Vv2W&R66W72W"e$TRƖRG&rrFvWBV6&RfRbVV6VB76W &VF6WfVbW"'FW"&VgW6W2F6vR0&RR&VGF7F'B7&VFrW &VF6f6bRBFBRRV'2vvVאW6&Bv2vƶrWBFRF"F@FFvRvVB&RvFǒ76FRf V6FW"&66ƖBFW7G'V7F&R@FV6rFW6G2bVR&VBFPv&BF7&VFRFR6RV6&RfPBVV6VB76f"FV6VfW>( dvVBfRFBRFBRvW&R7&