Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 82

impacts more of your life than any other relationship you will ever have. those things, and now it’s busy, stressful and you’ve had sex 3 times this year.” If you have a plan for the freaking grocery store, maybe you want to take this opportunity to create a vision for your love relationship! This is VERY normal. There’s nothing wrong with you! That’s your brain talking to you. It’s what we call your “drunk monkey brain”. It’s the negative self-talk that is always chatting away. And it only sees your current reality or past experiences as proof of what you CAN be. Creating this vision is the first step in bringing more confidence, purposefulness, empowerment and passion into your relationship transformation journey! It’s time to get crystal clear on what specifically is the relationship that makes your heart sing…so you can start creating it “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.” – Steven Covey in the steps of the system that follow. If you want to be successful in creating your relationship by design, there’s one thing you need to know…you will do this Relationship Vision process MORE than once! WHY? As with any visualization process, you will create what you visualize with absolute belief. What you manifest is based on your energy, not your words. For example, when you first attempt to create your relationship vision, you may say to yourself, “My relationship is fun, playful and full of passion.” But your inner voice tells you “Yeah, it WAS 82 But there’s a part of you that knows that is not true. There’s a part of you that knows that MANY times over, you have created or accomplished something you had never done before. The part of you that absolutely believes in new possibility. That’s the part you want to use to create your vision. But there’s a ninja visualizing secret. Want to know what it is? Start creating NEW results in your life every day, and when you go to visualize the next time, you will BELIEVE your vision more than you did the last time! Our students tell me this every day! One student just posted the other day that she did her Relationship Vision exercise again after just 5 months of creating transformations in her marriage and she could not believe how much more certainty she had about the vision she wrote. And, as an extra bonus, after taking such positive action and seeing real results for a few months, the vision that came through her for the relationship she REALLY wants was much bigger and more amazing then the vision she wrote five months prior, when she was hurting, frustrated and feeling stuck. That’s how it really works! | October / November 2018