Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 78

I always dismissed the warning. My husband is really accepting of my work and my kids are aligned with my work, too. wedge between us. He wanted nothing to do with, what he considered was my unstable expression of emotion. It was exactly right… until I wasn’t. This interaction with my son, triggered a volatile response from my husband, as well. He not so gently pointed out that I am different, now. And he, nor my sons asked for these changes, so I was the one who was going to have to deal with the fall out. And that he wasn’t sure if he could stay with all of this going on. Well, SHIT! I was not going to compromise my integrity… this is the platform I stood on and taught others to embrace and claim as their birthright. I could do nothing less. And it all came flooding into my awareness in one soul crushing day. Maybe all the work I had done was going to cost me my marriage and my relationship with my kids. My kids had been exhibiting more and more rebellious teenage behaviors, but I felt the situation was nothing I couldn’t handle. Or so I thought. Until the day I heard my older son talking about me to one of his friends. He made it sound like he couldn’t stand me and didn’t want me to be a part of his life but was doing what was necessary so I would continue buying him what he wanted. In that moment, I was overcome by countless emotions. I always made my children my priority and gave selflessly for them. You know, the normal mother martyr. And this is how he appreciates me? I was crushed, outraged, broken and I showed him all of these emotions. Because spiritual leaders don’t emotions back down… we emote! stuff All of the tools and skills I had as a coach and transformational leader were washed from my conscious mind by the deluge of tears that I let flow. Turns out, this was not the best approach with my teenage son. He looked at me with sheer discomfort, turned up to max volume. I ha Ё)͕ѥ́ȁݡ)䁑䁑ɽٔЁɵչх()!܁ձѡ́)Ѽ́$)եЁѡͥ́)ɕ̰Ѽ͕٥)ѼɥՅݽ)ɽչѡݽɱ)!܁ձѡ́Ѽ́$)եЁѡͥ́䁑ɕ̰Ѽ)͕٥ѼɥՅݽɽչѡݽɱ)!܁ձ䁱ٕ́хѡ)ɽٕٕ́Ё$ٔ)չɝ!܁ձ䁵ɥѡ)ɅQ́́Ёݡ$̰݅ȁݡЁ$)Ʌѕ䁱ѼЁɔ$̰݅)ѕȁ́ȸ$ѱ)ձЁɕѡȁѥ$ѡ)ͅЁٕݡ$ݕЁѡɽ՝ٽɍ)ɽ䁙Ё͉5剔ѡЁ啐)ܹɕ5Ё=ѽȀ9ٕȀ