Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 71

The “few days” turned into two weeks. I shifted the conversation and asked her to tell me about her plans for relocating. How did she feel about it? Was she ready for this next step in the relationship? What was it like to think about no longer living where she currently did? She started with the expected answers about how much she loved her boyfriend, how she was excited about this new chapter, how she was stressed about the logistics of moving. And then she mentioned it—the key to the clutter. “I’m a little hesitant to be so far from my parents. They’re healthy and independent, but they’re no spring chickens.” As we talked more about her parents and her relationship with them, I learned she was the child who tended to take charge and organize when they needed something. We spent the rest of our conversation brainstorming ideas on how she could still be intimately involved with their needs and The best way to handle your critic, no matter how persistent or bratty she gets, is with love and compassion. When you join forces instead of fighting against her, there’s no stopping you. You become a powerful team! care even from a distance. She talked to her siblings about her concern and asked for their help, so they could all be more involved with their parents. Once Samantha had that conversation and got support from her siblings, she couldn’t believe how much easier it became to clear out her garage. Because, you see, it was never about the items in the garage. The part of her that feared change kept filling up the space to make her stay put. Her inner critic was sabotaging her progress not because she didn’t want to move, but because there were unaddressed fears. When Samantha took the courageous step of asking her siblings for help, her critic felt supported and stepped aside as Samantha cleared the garage. The combination of listening more deeply to what your soul is telling you and taking small steps to show there’s nothing to be afraid of are keys to clearing the clutter that keeps you stuck. But when you let the resistance prevent you from acting, you’re telling your fear that it’s right, that it is best to stay stuck. You hand your power over to it and continue running on the hamster wheel of your life, exerting a lot of energy and getting nowhere. 71