Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 65

Which one would you pick if you didn’t care what anyone else thought about you? As you probably guessed, if you chose the secluded cabin, you’re more of an introvert. If you picked the second option, you’re probably more extroverted. 2)  Imagine your dream day. What activities would you do? Who would you want to hang out with? If your perfect day consists of doing something low-key with just one or two people — or alone — you’re probably an introvert. If you imagine yourself surrounded by lots of people doing something active, you’re probably more of an extrovert. © 2017. Jenn Granneman. Excerpted with permission from The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World. Jenn Granneman - Jenn is the author of the book, The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World and the founder of She also blogs for Psychology Today, and her writing has been featured on Quiet Revolution, The Huffington Post, The Mighty, The Muse, and elsewhere. For most of her life, she felt weird, different, and out of place because of her quiet ways; now, she writes about introversion because she doesn’t want other introverts to feel the way she did. Jenn lives ֖W6FFvW@W'6WFFW2g&W"R6frW"f6V&cP"tw&Wf6FvFW"g&VG0"f֖ǒFrW6FrFw2ƖRv&Ɩr2fVv2 'Gr7'V6R6