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BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT BEING AN INTROVERT IS THAT THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. YOU’RE NOT BROKEN BECAUSE YOU’RE QUIET. IT’S OKAY TO STAY HOME ON A FRIDAY NIGHT INSTEAD OF GOING TO A PARTY. BEING AN INTROVERT IS A PERFECTLY NORMAL “THING” TO BE. person I thought I should be — not the person I truly was. Don’t get me wrong. Learning about my introversion didn’t fix all my problems. But for me, embracing my introversion was the first step. I was no longer an other. I was something else: an introvert. Are You an Introvert? you approach the world, while personality can be defined as the pattern of behavior, thoughts, and emotions that make you an individual. It can take years to build a personality, but your temperament is something you’re born with. But the most important thing to know about being an introvert is that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken because you’re quiet. It’s okay to stay home on a Friday night instead of going to a party. Being an introvert is a perfectly normal “thing” to be. What about you? Have you always felt different? Were you the quiet one in school? Did people ask you, “Why don’t you talk more?” Do they still ask you that today? A Quick Test If so, you might be an introvert like me. Introverts make up 30 to 50 percent of the population, and we help shape the world we live in. We might be your parent, friend, spouse, significant other, child, or coworker. We lead, create, educate, innovate, do business, solve problems, charm, heal, and love. 1) If you had to choose between two options for a dream vacation, which one would you pick? Introversion is a temperament, which is different from your personality; temperament refers to your inborn traits that organize how 64 Not sure if you’re more introverted or more extroverted? Here’s a quick test: A) A relaxing vacation by yourself or with just one other person, a good book, and a secluded cabin. | October / November 2018