Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 59

Although, I look back with fondness on my first career as a public health dentist― and especially on my colleagues who selflessly contribute to improving the health of the public―the work that I do today is what I really believe is my life’s work. I no longer separate my work from who I am, or feel like I have to ignore or abandon my heart in order to achieve greatness in the eyes of others. way to live and to serve, and it’s what can happen for all of us when we live this shift from our false selves to our true selves, and integrate this new way of thinking, seeing the world, and serving into our daily life. This is truly an authentic life, and I firmly believe that this is how I am here to serve. Most profound of all the changes I’ve made in my life since my accident, however, is my shift back to the state of Basic Trust, a knowing that the Universe guides and supports me. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the grief, sadness, or anxiety about what to do next, I remind myself that I am fully supported by the Universe. My work now is heart-centered and aligned with my true self. Service and heart-centered leadership have always been a part of my life, however, that service and leadership now take the form of guiding others to live more peaceful and fulfilling lives by understanding, with compassion, their personality patterns and superego messages. It gives me a deep sense of joy and gratitude when I see my clients make lasting changes in their lives and their leadership approach. When they understand themselves more deeply and have compassion for themselves, their lives take on a whole new meaning, and the effects of living from their truth ripple out into their work, their relationships, and their communities. When I work with leaders in a corporate or non-profit setting, I help them lead from a place of authenticity, compassion, and Basic Trust, to the benefit of their entire organization. Since I have made the shift away from my false self to my true self, I now live in that state of peaceful trust every single day, and the message that “everything is going to be okay” is the guiding force of my l )'eЁɽͥݡɔЁ)ѡЁՔ͕́ЁѡɕɽЁݡ)$܁$ٔQٕ́́հQӊéЁѼͅѡЁ$eЁѥٔ)́$х䁑)%ɕЁ啅̰'eٔݕѡɕѡ()䁱ݥѠ)ՅԸQɥՅɹ)ѡЁ$ɭ啅ȁѕȁѡɽ՝)ݽɬݥѠѡɅ%ѥєѥՕ)ѽݥѠݽɬݥѠѡ!)͍ѡݽɬѡЁ$ɥѼѡݽɱ