Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 51

MY OLD POWERLESS QUESTION THAT I ALWAYS ASKED MYSELF: This was my default question that I would continuously ask myself. It was like a broken record in my head until I decided to change it. This question consistently gave me an answer that made me feel completely powerless to my circumstances. Here is one thing I know for sure: If you ask a lousy question you will get a lousy answer. In addition, I’ve learned that it’s extremely important to have an empowering primary question that becomes the only question you ask yourself. XOXO Smile. Surrender. Shine. MY NEW EMPOWERING PRIMARY QUESTION—THE ONLY QUESTION I ASK MYSELF: What is the gift in this and what am I meant to learn? I love my new question because I always get an answer that empowers me instead of making me feel bad about myself. My new question has changed everything for me. It’s helped me to understand that life is always happening for me and there is always a lesson to learn. It’s enabled me to take full responsibility for everything in my life and to truly be the star of my story. WHAT IS YOUR NEW PRIMARY QUESTION? OBSERVE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WAY YOU FEEL WITH YOUR NEW QUESTION. Michele Greer - Michele is a transformational and lifestyle coach who helps women rewrite their story of pain, lack and struggle that is keeping them from living their best lives. Michele’s BEYOND BRAVE mission was birthed after her own life-altering experience. Using the same mindset strategies and self-love rituals she used to transform her own life, she emp vW'2B7W'G2vVv&R6VvBWFR( 7F'( bFV"7BV2FV&Ww&FPFV"7F'B7&VFRƖfRbW72BgVfVBf6Bwwr֖6VTw&VW"6BFvBW"'W&W &VW&BvgBB66VGVR6ƖVF'3֖WFRƖfP7G&FVw6W76S( v2F2v2VpF^( D( vBW'6( ФbRVVBFW6R2W76VFfVFF2Rv'VB6Vb6fFV6PBFR&66G&bW"ƖfRRv&V6RWVVBvFFRF2FV&g&ЧFR&VWFgVBFRgVWW&V6W0ƖfR7B'FFǒRvvV&VƖWf&RVBb7G&VwFvF৖RFBvV&RRFWfW"vW@6VRV6R&V6RFR7F"bW"7F'ॖRvv2&RFRRBǒ7F"