Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 48

3 ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS TO BECOMING The Star of Your Own Story BY MICHELE GREER W hat does it mean to be the star of your story? It means that you are the main character in your life and you are the only one that should ever be the star of your story. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t star in their own story. They give this special role away to someone else. This is the most important role of your entire life and you should always be the star. Therefore, you shouldn’t let another person have this extremely important role for multiple reasons: They didn’t earn it and they don’t deserve it. They weren’t there with you as a baby when you were innocent and full of love. They didn’t grow and learn valuable life lessons with you. They weren’t there for all of the amazing victories and the greatest heartaches in your life. You were there for all of this—you are the one and only main character in your story. 48 | October / November 2018