Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 42

others, we can never measure up and we are powerless and we never have enough. Sometimes it shows up as needing to hide our brilliance or fear of “hurting others” if we step into our destiny. There are multiple ways this trance will stop us dead in our tracks and we always must be vigilant when these unwelcome guests show up. As Rumi mentions in his poem “The Guest House”, “meet these unwelcome guests at the door laughing”. This trance, when recognized and overcome frees us to go for the results we want, no longer encumbered by this scarcity conditioning pattern. When it no longer encumbers us, we then can say “we have acquired a sacred wealth mindset.” The truth is: each of us is born with sacred gifts and superpowers. Every one of us has a unique and valuable contribution to make to our evolving world. say we are being fully our authentic selves and well on our way to thriving in all areas of our lives with no more inner barriers holding us back. Women are, without a doubt, a most precious and valuable resource to our evolving world. Each and every one of us needs to wake up now, so that we can spiritually and financially prosper. This trance state shows up as a script of “we never are enough, our worth lies outside of us, we do not belong, we can never do enough, we have to try harder, we do not deserve “it,” we must compete, we compare ourselves to How do we crossover into not just knowing we are “worth it”, in our heads, but feeling it activated and embodied in every cell of ourselves? 42 | October / November 2018