Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 41

That is because as women, we are governed by our feelings more than our thoughts. We cannot just will something into being or if we can, we do not sustain it for very long. Usually this shows up as: • We start out excited and then we give up. • We want a great relationship, yet no matter what, we find ourselves settling for less. • We want to lose weight and yet, we just cannot seem to ever achieve our goals. •  We want to launch a dream business and yet it never seems to takeoff. •  We want to make a big impact on our evolving world and yet we can’t seem to get out of their fear of visibility. • We want more money flow and yet end up financially drained. •  We want to break out of codependency and yet we find ourselves still in that trap of unhealthy self-sacrifice. We will know that there are no traces of past conditioning holding us back, when we can say we are being fully our authentic selves and well on our way to thriving in all areas of our lives with no more inner barriers holding us back. Why do so many of us “do the same thing and get the same results” when we desire a different outcome? In my years of experience, here is one conditioned pattern that, for many women, underlies our difficulty in manifesting our dreams for our lives: It is an underlying trance of unworthiness. To some degree or another, the traces of this trance will, if not fully uncovered and released, keep us from accomplishing our destiny. The degree and intensity that this trance shows up in women varies, but for most of us, we have been under its grip for far too long, no matter how intense or slight it is. Even when we breakthrough a level of worth, there could be another level waiting for us to dissolve, so that we can achieve our dreams and accomplish our mission. We will know that there are no traces of past conditioning holding us back, when we can 41