Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 30

4. Embrace Your Vulnerabilities Facing your deepest vulnerabilities allows you to recognize and uproot the negative beliefs, unhealthy patterns, and unresolved pain that keep you from living a joyful life. When faced with a person or situation that makes you irritable or uncomfortable, pause, open your heart, and experience your vulnerability. Instead of avoiding emotional pain, lean into your tender places and stay with your feelings until you emerge on the other side of them. Don’t be afraid to dive deep, see what is being revealed, and share it with a trusted friend. The more vulnerable you are, the more open you are to spiritual transformation. 5. Be Grateful Feeling grateful opens a continuous stream of positive energy that supports spiritual clarity, strengthens the immune system, and diminishes fear, stress, and negativity. Wake up every morning with a sense of appreciation and a healthy anticipation for what the universe has in store for you. Before your feet even touch the floor, open your heart and give thanks for the day in front of you. Be grateful for even the simplest things and trust that no matter what happens that day, it will be a good day. When you open your heart in gratitude, fear and negativity cannot co-exist with this high vibrational energy. 6. Extend Kindness and  Compassion. Kindness and compassion are powerful expressions of love and generate a high 30 vibrational energy. The simple act of putting your attention at your heart and emitting love energy raises your vibration and the vibration of those around you. As you move through your day, keep an open heart, and express unconditional love no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing. Keep your thoughts non-judgmental, your words kind, and your choices compassionate. With this e W&vWF0W6bW"V'B6W26V6R`VfW'6fRW"V6RB7&GVGGVVVBvFWfW'RBWfW'Frrtf&vfRgFV@V6ǐf&vfVW72&VWw26V7FV6W0W"676B&FW2vV&Vp&V6W6RBV2R&VV6RVvFfPVF2Bw2RF&VVvvV@6FfRFW&7F2vFFW'2FW7FPVFW'F27W7F2fR@6V7FVFW72vFFW'2v6VvVFW'06FfRVF&VVfG2f&vfVW726V'0VvFfRVW&w'&VV6rFVvG2VF2"VW&vW2v6VFFVǐ7&VFRVW&w&62B6g&VW2Rg&ЧFR7BBV2FRVW&vWF276Rf RF7&VFR&WGFW"gWGW&Rࣂt7&VFRVW&vWF07W'BFVХ7W'&VBW'6VbB7VBFRvFFPVRvV6FFǒfR7W'BB6&Rf"R7&VFRVW&vWF27W'@FV667FrbVRv66WBPvFWBVFvrBvV6W&vRPFG'W7BW'6VbV'&6RW"G'WF@frW"V'B6&RW"gVW&&Pwwr7&TrWB7F&W"fV&W"#