Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Oct/Nov 2018 Aspire Mag Full Issue - Page 20

LETTER EDITOR FROM THE ”When we are present in our bodies, we inhabit the present moment; we are not lamenting the past, or worrying about the future” DR. CATHERINE HAYES, CPCC Welcome to the October/November 2018 “The Art of Self-Nurturing” issue of Aspire Magazine “Nurturing ourselves becomes essential in this process as we endeavor to reconnect with our true selves and deepen our self-awareness, self- compassion and self-acceptance.” – KELLEY GRIMES, MSW Hello, I’ve always believed in Divine timing and have noticed that when we need to hear a message it shows up in multiple ways. That was true once again when I received Self-Nurturing Expert Kelley Grimes, MSW current column for Aspire, The Art of Self-Nurturing: Giving Up Perfectionism to Thrive. (Cover feature). Her wisdom and words spoke to my heart. To give you a little background to help you understand why her topic was so timely for me... I am in the midst of closing on the sale of our home, renovating the 400 Sq. Ft. tiny cottage we’re moving into in early October while our new home is being built, as well as launching two books this coming quarter and hosting Sacred Visibility™ Live!, a 2-day spiritual business retreat for heart-centered female business owners. Of course, as a woman, you can add all of the other sacred duties that are a part of my blessed life. Connect with me! m/ es pir lindajoyins ajoy About a month ago, I found myself feeling like I had to show up ‘perfectly’ in each role, but as Kelley shared in her article, “What if instead of holding ourselves to unrealistic and unattainable expectations, we give up on being perfect and choose to cultivate nurturing expectations of ourselves.” Those words really spoke to me. I began choosing compassion and self-love while I navigate this current chapter in my life. Guess what happened? It all started to flow with ease and grace. Take time for you my beautiful friend. Live an Inspired Life! lindajoyinspire/ 20 | October / November 2018 LINDA JOY Publisher