Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 81

principles that can be expressed separately and yet simultaneously. What aspects of self are being called into union within you? How can you more fully connect to the Divine today? Living Ecstatic Expression Connecting to each elemental ecstatic expression will uplift your life and business success. Upliftment is the energetic function of lifting energy. Many ways exist to raise the vibration of your life from connecting to the ecstatic expression of each element to tapping into play and appreciation. Appreciation of anything uplifts your life and business vibration. Feeling gratitude offers a wonderful way to achieve upliftment. In addition, simply going out in nature can be extremely uplifting; admiring nature adds to the power of experiencing nature. You can uplift another person by gently placing your energy under them mentally and asking for them to be uplifted. As you go through your day, start noticing what raises your energy and what lowers it. Pay special attention to what feels uplifting and ecstatic to you so you can be conscious of adding those things to your daily routine. The more you can keep yourself in an uplifted state, the more energy you have to create success in your life and business. Connect with Spirit’s ecstatic expression of Divine Union. The more you can keep yourself in an uplifted state, the more energy you have to create success in your life and business. Remember: you have the ability to connect with the elements—Earth/Physical Realm, Water/Emotional Realm, Air/Mental Realm, Fire/Action Realm, Spirit/Spiritual Realm— at any time. Begin today with a daily practice; tap into Mother Nature’s wisdom, connect with the elements and raise your ecstatic frequency to uplift your life and business success. Lisa Michaels - International bestselling author, Divine Feminine leader, and manifestation mentor Lisa Michaels teaches conscious alignment with nature to help visionary women dynamically increase their intuition and creation abilities. Lisa has been helping women activate the priestess within and discover how to own their feminine power for the last 15 years. Her process attracts women from all over the globe in an online community. Learn to live a life of joy and passion that aligns your goals with your values and leads you to consciously create a prosperous life and business with meaning and intention. Download your free creation starter kit on today. 81