Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 80

Air Ecstatic Expression: Soaring Air offers the ability to take flight, bringing the feeling of soaring and freedom within your life. Air gives you the wings of freedom. When you consciously set the tone for your life and are thinking and holding a positive perspective, you feel vibrant, radiant, uplifted, and free. Without enough Air and the upliftment that Air brings, you can feel stuck as if things in your life have become stale and stagnant. To experience Air’s freedom, get out in the fresh air with time to explore. In the mental realm, using your imagination frees you and helps you soar. A good dose of Air infuses life with a sense of the ability to take flight. Deep breathing frees the body. Imagine the lift of air under the wings of your life and business. Connect with Air’s ecstatic expression of soaring. What sense of ease does soaring bring? What will help you feel the ecstasy of catching an air current and soaring? Fire Ecstatic Expression: Energized Juiced by your inner firepower, you become vibrantly alive, and an abundance of life force energy runs through your body. When you follow your passion and find ways to enliven yourself, you energetically engage your ability to manifest. You become energized. And you express life in a more creative, dynamic and inspired manner. 80 Some people possess a naturally dynamic nature that gets the energy in and around them in motion. Others have to be more conscious about raising their heat and getting their energy moving. Rhythm, dance, sexuality—anything that builds the feeling of ecstatic union between body, soul, and Spirit—works as an energizer. Connect with Fire’s ecstatic expression of being energized. What do you need to increase the energy to fuel your creations? How can fire assist you to become energized and enlivened? Spirit Ecstatic Expression: Divine Union As you truly begin to see yourself as the divine spark of Spirit you are, you can make choices that are in alignment with your fullness and use your co-creative power effectively. As a Divine being, you contain the power of creation and manifestation within you. In the spiritual realm, this power comes with not only the right to use it, but also the responsibility to use it wisely. You grow as co-creator each time you use this power wisely for yourself, for the benefit of humanity, and for all life. Sacred Union is the deep connection with the Divine, to all that is. It is the masculine and feminine aspects of the Universe in divine harmony. It is the bliss of the full union of oneness and the expression of your individuality. Sacred union is the joining of | December 2018 / January 2019