Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 79

Earth Ecstatic Expression: Touch Touch symbolizes the ecstatic gift of the physical realm. In your body, you are able to experience the ecstasy of an embrace, the joy of a child’s hand held in your own, the fulfillment of food on your tongue, the chill of ice on your skin, the solidity of the ground under your feet as you walk, skip, and dance. Earth is an amazingly rich planet, and with your body’s ability to touch, you have the vehicle to experience it. Connect with Earth’s ecstatic expression of touch. When you consciously set the tone for your life and are thinking and holding a positive perspective, you feel vibrant, radiant, uplifted, and free. By tapping into her guiding wisdom and calling on each of the elements you can dynamically impact your manifestation success and create a more joyful, playful life. Take a few minutes today to tune into each element and discover what will support the next level of your ecstatic frequency. Are you honoring the gift of touch? What might you do to engage with the sense of touch in your everday life now? Water Ecstatic Expression: Play You learn Water’s ecstatic realm of play early in life as you run under the water hose, swim in the pool, splash at the seashore, float in the lake, or delight in a bathtub full of bubbles. Keeping play alive in your life helps you find the energy to do your work in the world and fill yourself with joy. Many adults could use a good dose of Water’s ecstatic realm of play and the fun it brings to life. Being more playful not only uplifts your life and business from pressure-loaded and overwhelming, but also helps you experience more joy and ease in everything you do. Go splash at the next possible opportunity! Connect with Water’s ecstatic expression of play. Do you need to find ways to bubble up with laughter and joy? What are your favorite ways to raise your energy with play? 79