Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 63

Before boundaries, women lacked the skills to stand up for themselves. I would say that they lacked the skills to OWN their worth, but the truth is, many women that lacked any boundaries did so because they didn’t YET know their own self-worth. (How could they OWN something they couldn’t even conceptualize yet?) So, a woman who doesn’t yet believe in her own self-worth, will look outside of herself for other people’s assessment of her worth. She will allow others to dictate what her worth is and how she should be treated. Women lived this way for decades. You already know this. Of course, NO woman wants to go back to this way of being, where we had no worth and no rights and other people had power over us. So, fast forward to today. Women do NOT want to be treated as having no worth. We want our rights. We want make sure that no one else has power over us. Totally reasonable. And kind of obvious to those of us who read Aspire and are of course, enlightened enough to know that a woman never wants to be oppressed and never should be. We all agree on this. This is not news. Now, let’s chat about THE HOW. How are woman achieving this goal? How do women protect their rights? How do we protect our worth? How do we protect ourselves so that no one else has power over us? We establish BOUNDARIES. The definition of the word Boundary is, “a line that marks the limit of an area, a dividing line”. So as women, we start establishing boundaries that draw a LINE or a limit to how we will and will NOT be treated. How you can and cannot talk to me. What I will and will not tolerate. We start OWNING our worth and protecting ourselves by putting up boundaries in our relationships that STOP people from crossing that line with us. 63 OUR LACK OF WORTH AS WOMEN IS SO DEEP INTO OUR WIRING THAT WE ALL STRUGGLE AT TIMES EVEN JUST OWNING THAT IT IS OK FOR US TO SAY NO.