Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 60

life? What is holding you back from living a life you love. When you don’t make yourself a priority, you quickly loose your sparkle and ability to shine. I leave you with this quote from Romancing the Shadow: A Guide to Soul Work for a Vital, Authentic Life by authors Connie Zweig, Steven Wolf: 5. What emotions do you keep hidden from others? When we hide our emotions, it leads to feeling alone and isolated. When we isolate we don’t have a support system we can count on. Life is not meant to do alone. 6. Where would you like to push the edge but you feel it is taboo? Ask yourself who does this belief system belong too and where did you remember learning it was taboo? So many of our beliefs systems belong to our parents, religious beliefs and society. 7. What are the areas in your life you would like to work on? Perhaps you feel like you give your power away, you may need to set boundaries, you may need to change a relationship, you may want to say no more than you say yes. “ The essen work is to g ce of shadow et all that we in touch with ar our wildne e, embrace s our deep k s, embody reconnect w nowing, and ith our Div ine Sacredness .” “When shadow-work is neglected, the soul feels dry, brittle, like an empty vessel. Then, people suffer depression rather than embark on a fruitful descent. When shadow-work is denied, the soul feels banished, exiled from its habitats in the wilds of nature. But when shadow-work is attended to, the soul feels round, full, sated. When shadow-work is invited into a life, the soul feels welcomed, alive in the gardens, aroused in passion, awake in sacred things.” Cindy Hively - Cindy is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Healing Coach, Priestess, Goddess Creatrix of In Her Fullness and a #1 bestselling author. Her empowered clients refer to her work as “transformational,” as she uncovers the root cause to their emotional pain and illness and supports them in clearing the causes. Cindy believes that disease is caused by unhealthy experiences, trauma, and social programming. She helps women return the conscious and subconscious mind to wholeness and release unhelpful habits and beliefs, allowing women to pursue all their hopes and dreams by living a spiritual and healthy lifestyle. Visit the In Her Fullness blog and claim your free 2-pc In Her Fullness Meditation Set today. Cindy H ively 60 | December 2018 / January 2019