Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 43

6 I was stuck in a life that I wasn’t enjoying and my ego sad, “Stay here. It’s a known commodity. What will people think?” But I took the leap anyway. I came out of the spiritual broom closet. Changing the course of my life has brought me joy, happiness and fulfillment that I had only imagined before. You are the creative force in your life. Allow your soul to guide you to the dreams and desires she has brought to you. You are So Much More than Your Fears. Ego wants you to allow your fears to craft the boundaries of your experience. Your soul wants you to forge through those boundaries and see how brilliantly your light shines on the other side of your fears. Your fears do not define you. You can allow your fear to limit you, if you choose… but that choice doesn’t align with your purpose, passion and path. Defy definition and soar to the heights where your angel wings show. You are perfectly aligned with your divine purpose. Take the inspired action to allow that alignment to create your reality, most abundantly and prosperously! 7 You Already Know Exactly What You Need to Claim the Success and Happiness You Crave. The secrets to your success lie deep within your soul and you get to cultivate that success in any way that looks best to you! Your soul is brilliant and bright and allows for growth and development, without fear and restriction. She has all the answers that are ideal for you. You have access to all of it. Hear her, listen to her, trust her. Thank your ego. You owe her much gratitude, for she is your first line of protection from the world. But you don’t need to be protected, when you tune into the messages from your soul. Those messages lead you to exactly the place you are meant to be. Your soul is calling and the opportunities on the horizon are nothing short of incredible! Jami Hearn - Leading Intuitive Prosperity Coach, Akashic Records Practitioner and Evidential Medium Jami Hearn, empowers and supports spiritual women in aligning their inner and outer worlds, embracing their soul’s truth and in living their divinity. Through her intuitive gifts, grounded wisdom and empowered coaching Jami guides women back into sacred alignment with her truth. As a woman aligns her heart and soul, she becomes a divine magnet for love and abundance and her dreams flow with ease and grace. Having gone from a highly-successful, yet unfulfilling, career as an attorney to creating a thriving international spiritual coaching practice, Jami understands how to help you navigate the path of integration between the masculine and feminine and can support you in doing the same, so you can live your truth. Visit Claim your free 3-part videos series, The 3 Rituals to Call in Your Ideal Client today. 43 know they can be super scary, but as a general rule in my life, there is a direct correlation between risk and reward. The more scared I am about a choice or action, the better the potential outcome has been.