Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 42

you not perfect. You are a real, in the trenches, survived and thrived soul, spilling your beauty and impact in every moment. Share yourself and allow your truth to shine. 4 One evening, I forced myself to show up for my tribe. All kinds of things came up. I wasn’t sure I was sharing the right message. Was my hair a mess? Could you see how red my cheeks were? Whatever! I hit the go live button. When you hide because you fear judgment, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your tribe and all those goddesses, who are watching. Your soul exudes beauty and confidence and perfect imperfections! None of these define you, but they do define your authentic expression and make you completely relatable. So, if you are the woman in the tribe struggling with that internal voice, offer your ego thanks for wanting to keep you safe and tell her, “I am perfect, just as I am!” You are NOT the Truth of your Ego’s Chatter. Your ego is the voice of limiting beliefs, as I have mentioned, that are designed purely to protect you. But these beliefs do NOT define you. They actually stunt you and your personal growth. Your soul’s capacity to love and create so far exceeds these beliefs and the chatter associated with them, that it is difficult to reconcile that they exist within the same being. Imagine the voices that fill your head when you are about to do something new for the first time. The ego’s chatter is filled with fear and shrinking. The soul’s chatter 42 is a cheerleader that reminds you how amazing this is going to be! For me, the fear and ego chatter were around visibility. 5 That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got an email that said one of my sisters was in a really dark place and she wasn’t sure why she was here until she heard my message that night. It shifted things for her and she now felt like she had hope. As I cried tears of gratitude and appreciation for her vulnerability and my privilege of holding her up, I realized that none of those questions I had earlier mattered. I stepped around my ego and stood in my truth and that was exactly what my sister needed to save her life. You are the Creator of your Life and Not the Victim. Your life happens because of you - not to you! I know, sometimes bad things happen to good people, but if you keep the perspective that life is happening to you, you are feeding into the ego’s power. You have the power to change the course you are on. You have the ability to make choices, even some that have an element of risk - I | December 2018 / January 2019