Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 39

“I AM Wisdom” (Women have superpowers that have been devalued by the patriarch. It is time to stand and embody the truth of our exquisite intuition, creativity, our deep capacity for emotion, our ability to know what we know without needing proof, and our ability to access the reality beyond the physical and know it to be real.) “I AM A Warrior of The Heart” (The return of the sacred feminine means reclaiming this essential truth. The feminine path to self-mastery means we must advocate for ourselves, one another, fighting for freedom, equality justice, and prosperity for all.) Now imagine yourself ascending to the tip of the pyramid. You are holding the world in your hands and reaching to the heavens. You are ready to serve from your sacred gifts. Now proclaim this fourth truth: “I AM Worldly” (I am conscious of my power to create a ripple effect around the world. I awaken to a bigger purpose. I am aware of the POWER of my sacred gifts. My heart is given over to being of service as I offer my gifts to a higher purpose.) WOMEN ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE AND BLESSED WITH SACRED, PRICELESS GIFTS comes, imagine what it would feel like to feel worthy and amplify it. Continue to bathe in that feeling until you notice the vibration of that truth. Even if you do not feel it, trust it IS activated.) As you make the transition out of this ritual, make the intention to focus your attention every day on these truths. Become so familiar with them, that it becomes your new default. Once this shift occurs, you are well on your way to full embodiment of your soul’s light. This will empower you to achieve your dreams and make your unique contribution to our evolving world. Marcia Mariner - A sacred wealth coach, Marcia Mariner is a visionary and a global leader of the new wealth consciousness, coaching and mentoring mission-driven women ready to unleash their power, discover their authentic selves and build their dream lives. She is the founder of Wealthy Woman Within Sacred Wealth Community and Sacred Wealth Global. Under her expert intuitive guidance, her clients rapidly learn the keys to unlock your unique sacred wealth codes, (their soul’s purpose and destiny) release their abundance blocks and accomplish what they came here to do. Marcia empowers and coaches women to stop playing small, become a “wealth magnet” and make a big impact as they unearth their inner power portal. Download your 3-part video series, “Manifesting Wealth from the Inside Out,” today. 39