Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 38

Sacred rituals have been and continue to be an essential practice to bring in higher energies and allow them to become integrated. In order to fully inhabit these four truths of the sacred feminine, it is ideal to set aside a time every day to immerse ourselves in them more fully. Gathering in a safe supportive circle with other awakening visionary women amplifies this process. HERE IS A POWERFUL PRACTICE TO SUPPORT YOU ON YOUR PATH TO EMBODYING THESE TRUTHS: with our unique gifts with humility and grace. We connect, collaborate and co create with other visionaries to support our common vision of birthing a more humane and sustainable world. If we are failing to thrive or if we get stuck, it can be traced to one of these four areas that we need to either activate or integrate more fully. Once we can identify where the gap is, we can develop a strategy to close the gap. This way, we become unstoppable and empowered to achieve our dreams. While these truths must all be activated and embodied on the feminine path to self- mastery and sacred wealth, they are not linear. They are deeply interconnected and circular. For example,I might be currently activated in my desire to serve the world, which then calls me to cultivate more of my warrior energy or more of my worthiness. 38 Begin by finding a place of serenity and beauty. Set aside all distractions. Begin by consciously making the shift into the heart intelligence. In order to do this, allow your eyes to close and place your hands on your heart. Take several deep breaths in and out through your heart center. Once your mind is sufficiently still and open, imagine that you are standing inside a pyramid. A crystalline light is flowing down from the heavens enveloping you in its purity. Grounding yourself firmly in Mother Earth, slowly breath, connect with and proclaim these truths: “I AM Worthy” (Reflect upon a moment when you felt your worth and allow it to amplify. If nothing | December 2018 / January 2019