Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 35

Be willing to receive. Every time you close yourself off to receiving, you shut a door in the face of your abundance. This is true no matter how big or little the offering is. So, next time someone offers you a compliment, a coffee, a hand to hold, or a check, ask yourself, “How can I receive this gracefully and with gratitude?” Soon, you’ll start seeing opportunities to receive everywhere you look―including in your bank account. 5 Remember that you are enough. When you don’t feel like you are enough, nothing you receive will feel like enough, either. (Trust me, I know this one firsthand!) You are worthy of receiving every ounce of abundance this Universe has to offer. Only you can decide what’s possible for you. So make the choice to get your mind and heart on board with abundance right now, regardless of what your current situation looks like, and let the magical cascade of receiving begin! Bryna Haynes - Bryna Haynes is the creator of Choose Your Evolution. She empowers others to harness their own power as creators and live in their genius through conscious choice, inspired action, new perspectives—and, most importantly, knowing how to ask the right questions. Learn more about Bryna and her work at Become a true creator in your life! Join Bryna May 9-10th for Evolution 2019. For a limited time, use the code LINDA150 to save on your tickets. “You are w receiving e orthy of v abundance ery ounce of this Univer se has to offer .” Bryna Haynes 35 4 Remember that you are the only one who can choose your reality, and the only one who can decide what you are worth. (Note: If you need help with this, a great coach or therapist is your best ally. You don’t have to break this pattern alone!)