Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 34

and it starts―as all evolution does―with a choice. If you don’t feel abundant right now, it’s time for an internal shift. I promise you, it’s not wishful thinking; instead, consider it training for when your material windfall hits. Because if you don’t shift your mindset now, you won’t appreciate your abundance when it comes. Instead, you’ll find a reason why, once again, it’s not enough―just like I did. 5 Ways to Uplevel Your Abundance Right Now An abundance mindset isn’t about fooling yourself, or being a “Polyanna.” It’s simply a different way of seeing, reacting to, and talking to yourself about your reality. Anywhere in your life that you see scarcity is a great place to start your internal shift. And, as I’ve discovered through working with women from around the world, scarcity shows up in some pretty unexpected places. Here are five ways to uplevel your abundance right now, without adding a single penny to your bank account. 1 Stop competing—especially with other women. When you find yourself in competition, jealousy, or judgment, you are saying to the Universe, “There isn’t enough for all of us to have what we want.” 34 2 Focus on what you already have. Put another way, cultivate practice. When you focus on resources that are available to moment, you will feel more secure. a gratitude the multiple you in each stable and 3 Be vulnerable. When you wear a hard shell around your heart, you’re saying, “It’s not safe to be who I am, or feel how I feel.” That message of “not safe” impacts your abundance, too. Think of how much more supported you will feel in all areas of your life when you allow others to be there for you. Trust me, there are people in your life who want nothing more than to be of service. | December 2018 / January 2019