Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 33

2 t  he feeling that everything you need to move forward in life will be available to you at precisely the right time, and... 1 Simply put, abundance is... t  he willingness to recognize and receive those things when they present themselves. In every moment, you can choose to see the dollars in your bank account and think, “There’s not enough.” Or, you can choose to see your overflowing fridge and your car that’s full of gas, and think, “I have plenty of everything I need to get me through this day, and the next day, and the day after that.” One is a scarcity mindset; the other is an abundant one. One invites contraction, the other expansion. around, but nothing else had changed. What I had created didn’t feel like enough. It’s Not About Dollars and Cents It was a huge reality check. It showed me that feeling abundant really has nothing at all to do with our bank balance, and everything to do with how we see our world. The first year I took my business past that all-important six-figure mark, I waited impatiently for that long-desired sense of abundance to set in … but it never came. I still felt like the same frazzled, overworked mompreneur I’d always been. Self-care and spaciousness hadn’t magically happened. Nor had the sense of freedom I’ve always associated with abundance. In fact, I was working longer and harder than ever. Sure, it was great to have some extra cash lying So many of us are waiting around for something―money, a relationship, an opportunity―to show up and give us permission to feel abundant. We think “When I get there, I’ll feel like I can relax.” Or we’re waiting for our reality (or God, or the Universe, or whomever) to prove to us that it’s finally okay to trust in the Universe. I wondered, “Will I ever feel like I have enough?” And then, painfully, “Will I ever feel like I am enough?” Ouch. Sorry, sugar. That’s not the way things work. Abundance, like happiness, is an inside job, 33