Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 31

You can learn to differentiate the voice of your head (ego) from the voice of your heart (soul) by simply noticing the words or scripts you use to describe your everyday experiences. Notice how you speak to yourself and if your voice is coming from your head or heart. The voice of your heart is loving, all-encompassing, and guides you without judgment. It provides you with an expanded view on your life, is present-oriented, and experiential. It is a gentle whisper that says, “I know” instead of “I think,” “I trust” instead of “I believe,” and “I create” instead of “I wait.” The voice of your head, on the other hand, is often fearful, critical, and judgmental. It provides you with a limited perspective on your life from only the past or future. You are in your head when you hear yourself say: “I should, I have to, I’m afraid to, or I can’t.” You are in your heart when you say: “I trust, I feel, and I sense.” 4 Listen to your heart and use the information to make the inspired choices that align with your soul’s journey. Inspired choices are those that call you to soulfully evolve. Ask yourself: “Does this choice align with my soul’s purpose and path? Does this choice support my passion for life? Do I feel valued when I make this choice? Does this choice enhance my life and bring me inner peace? If today were the last day of my life, would I still make the same choice?” Remember, you don’t have make grand gestures, make Dare to be seen, heard, and acknowledged as the soul essence you are. Choose to shine brightly, sparkle brilliantly, and shimmer radiantly so that you feel the light shining in your own heart, and beam it out for all to see. May you find the strength and courage to lead with your heart and let your soul shine through the choices you make in your life. 3 one small step every day toward fulfilling your soul’s calling. Dr. Debra Reble - Consciously merging her practical tools as a psychologist with her intuitive and spiritual gifts, Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble empowers women to connect with their hearts, release fear and anxiety, and supports them in breaking through their energetic and spiritual blocks to self-love so they can live authentically. Debra is the International Bestselling author of Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World (Inspired Living Publishing) and the author of Soul-Hearted Partnership: The Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy, which garnered four book awards including the Eric Hoffer award, as well as a contributing author to many best-selling books. Her new book, Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections and Affirmations for Women will be released by Inspired Living Publishing in January. Debra is a sought-after speaker and media guest and is the host of the popular Soul-Hearted Living Podcast on iTunes. Her new program, Anxiety RX: Balm for the Soul will be available this spring. Take the first step in transforming your fear and anxiety into inner peace. Download your FREE 3-part Anxiety SOS Support Kit today. 31