Aspire Magazine: Inspiration for a Woman's Soul.(TM) Dec/Jan 2019 Aspire Magazine Final - Page 27

I held this truth for my husband, daughter and I until we made it through. However, it’s not without its challenges. Like all initiations we’re always required to dig deep for our inner Truth and heal our own wounds. My second “right and wrong” lesson last spring, enabled me to do just that. In that instance someone publicly accused me of wrongdoing. I had taken a stand against abuse towards another woman and I was being accused of wrongdoing in connection. It turned out, I had to be made wrong in order for my accuser to be right. Given the circumstances, I believed I had so much moral high ground I could stand on. And I did for a while. But it wasn’t satisfying. It was actually corrosive. So ultimately, I took the growth opportunity before me and pulled back enough to resist the temptation to prove I was right and my accuser wrong. That enabled me to drill deep beneath my anger and shock to layers of shame for not being perfect. I then moved through self- judgment for leaving myself vulnerable to be accused in the first place. And then to the stark vulnerability of being accused publicly. And lastly, to the fear others would see me as wrong/bad. All this brought deep healing to an age-old fear I was ultimately bad. I felt tremendous Always working for our good, Life periodically presents us with messy, provocative challenges we can’t resolve with right or wrong. It’s our call to awaken the deeper resources within and around us. Because to live as the empowered, sovereign creators we were born to be, we must go beyond right and wrong to the inner truth and alignment, which illuminate our true nature and the exquisite support of Life. We’re able to move beyond right and wrong with the soul medicine of love, forgiveness and compassion, first for ourselves and then for others. Which doesn’t mean we never feel anger or outrage at injustice or abuse, but we hold it within a context of self-love and acceptance. Then we can discern what kind of action or expression we need to take from a place of inner truth and alignment. But ongoing it’s useful to notice when your mind goes to the right or wrong trap. That’s your invitation to take the time, with support if needed, to dig deeper to the deeper inner Truth. As we, the wise women of the world take this on in our own lives and families, we lead our collective evolution to shift from the painful polarization we’re living to a more supportive, peaceful and loving state. Joni Advent Maher - Joni is a Spiritual Midwife with over 25-years experience awakening women to their true nature. She supports creative, soulful women called to embody their Sovereignty through a signature process, which empowers you to become the woman you were destined to be since you took your first breaths. To learn more, visit 27 Like me, you may well find yourself, at some point in life being called to step into leadership in your marriage or family to bring healing, transformation and greater well- being. It is a common modern-day initiation, which awakens us to our true nature. freedom and gratitude. In many ways unbelievable, given how I had arrived there. But that’s how life works.