Aspect Dr Editorial Highlights Volume 1 - Page 21

TM specialised products TESTIMONIALS “Being a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has been in the cosmetic surgical industry for the past 13 years, I have come to realize that improving and maintaining healthy skin leads to optimal outcomes and prolonged superior results for patients undergoing both surgical and non–surgical procedures. I have been using skincare products for many years in my practice, and have found Aspect Dr Skincare, a range I have been using since its inception not only meets, but surpasses both my patients and my expectations in the results achievable.” ANDREW IVES M.B, CH.B. FRACS (PLAST) COSMETIC, PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGEON “The Aspect Dr A, B and C serums are an integral part of our skincare clinic in Australia. As Australians we have a higher degree of skin inflammation and these products are very effective in dealing with sun damaged Australian Skin.” KEITH MUTIMER MBBS, FRACS, ASPS PLASTIC SURGEON