ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 6

Now, I’m not saying get rid of romance in a vampire story, because that would be a ridiculous request (not to mention killing an entire genre), but let’s try to do something just a little new! For one thing, keep in mind that Romeo and Juliet was effective because it was a tragedy! It doesn’t work out! In every novel I read with this kind of story, however, it always works out hunkydorey in the end. I’m a romantic, too, and I’d love to believe that love 2A. Boy, Girl, Boy I’m going to make a few female readers mad here, but I don’t care, because it has to said. Does EVERY female heroine in EVERY paranormal series have to be loved/ lusted after by EVERY male creature she encounters? Furthermore, do we have to put up with the same damn “love triangle” over and over again? “Gee, I love HottieMcFang, but I also get superjuicy every time Rugged Wolfbane comes near me! What’s a girl to do? My life is, like, so complicated!” I realize ѡ