ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 51

Review: ‘The Edge’ by Leslie Lee and why you’ll NEED the sequel Ian Hutson FIVE STARS I hugely enjoyed ‘The Edge’ and want more – if the sequel can’t be found soon then I’ll start a small riot. The author has that knack of raising the reader’s hopes and then dashing them and then raising them again. The text conveys just enough detail to allow the reader to picture the scene themselves and the characters are all likeable enough for the demise of almost any of them to be emotional. The settings range from the claustrophobic right up to full spaceopera; from a small boy trapped in a subterranean hell-hole through to fleets of giant spaceships manoeuvring around planets and hyperspace. The main protagonist’s character contains elements that we can all empathise with (of being both trapped by and formed by our past) and also has areas where I couldn’t decide whether he was a gobsmackingly pragmatic hero or the scariest kind of sociopath (mass killing How do you develop from a small boy hiding in a wardrobe to a military man making a gun barrel glow hot? The same way that we all do, I suppose. Great “hard” scifi and a great story. Not many places where you can find that and an emotional, playful 50′ industrial robot. Seriously, splendid stuff. Purchase The Edge on Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Like what you’ve seen of ASMSG? Find ASMSG authors and bloggers here: ASMSG SFP Emagazine on Wordpress: ASMSG SFP Articles and tweets at the Social Media Hub: ASMSG SFP Facebook fanpage: 51 | P a g e