ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 37

the side of the playcenter. His hands shot out across the smooth surface, clawing, seeking a grip. There was nothing to grab. I watched him slide inexorably down the outside of the playcenter, pants and underwear still down around his thighs. He tried rolling into position for a feet-first landing. The maneuver would’ve worked if not for the fence being so close to the playcenter. The bright yellow, powder-coated aluminum fence that had aided his climb to the top now blocked his landing on the way down. Justin’s momentum came to an abrupt halt as he hit the top of the fence ass first. I cringed and almost ruined the shot. “That’s gotta hurt.” Justin’s blood-curdling scream of agony made my skin crawl. He sat there, squealing like a stuck pig. The top section of fence tubing had impaled him where the sun don’t shine. Pegged in the holiest of holies, he had two inches of aluminum post going in through the out door. “Oh my god this is insane!” I saved the ninety-three second video clip of Justin on my smart phone and posted it directly to my Facebook timeline. I had a momentary twinge of conscience. I mean, he was still crying, and Tommy was trying to climb the fence to help him. It looked really painful. “I can always delete it later …” I was gonna call for help, but Tommy already had his phone out as Justin yelled in his face, “Call 911!” I only had a few minutes to get to work. As I drove off, I thought about taking that video down. I probably should have. But it only took fifteen minutes for my video clip to find its way to over 200 students at Moses Lake High School, shared over and over to dozens of Facebook profiles. My first ever viral video. I guess life happens to Justin Shelby too. **** Read more of "The Shepherd" HERE 37 | P a g e