ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 35

Elias tightened his lips, and kneeled before the throne. “My Lord, please reconsider these actions. It is not our fault. You must know that.” Every head turned to the king. King Theodore stood, amplifying his authority. “I thought the proclamation was simple to understand. You said it yourself. That you knew of the tragedy before it happened.” Taking slow steps towards Elias, he continued. “You saw this coming—the death of my wife, your queen—and you did nothing. With all your power and foresight, you did nothing to stop this atrocity. That alone is punishable by death.” The king hesitated at the depth of grief in Elias’s eyes. “However, you are my beloved’s kinsmen, and so I shall save you. Death may be too extreme, but exile is generous. You are to leave by day’s end. Be warned, if you so as much enter the kingdom, or whisper its name, your protection will be gone and I will not stop my men from killing you.” King Theodore stormed out, amidst a confused uproar of questions. The next sound King Theodore heard pulled at his heart. Outside the royal nursery, his hands stayed on the steel handle. The nurse opened the door, bouncing a baby on each shoulder. “Your Majesty,” she cried exasperated. “The children, they cry for you.” “No,” he answered, looking down at the woman, “they cry for their mother.” The wind shrieked through, blowing out the candles once more. King Theodore let the darkness hide his tears. “My Eleanor, sixteen years have passed, and the children and I still grieve for you as if it were yesterday,” King Theodore quietly cried into the night. Purchase the Escape of Princess Madeline now on Amazon Barnes & Noble or Smashwords 35 | P a g e