ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 33

He sets down the paint and kisses the inside of her thigh and inhales deeply. “MMmmm Faydra such a feast. He kisses her outer lips. His tongue dips inside. “Such tasty nectar and all for me.” He parts her lips to reveal the bud inside. Sucking and nibbling he has her moaning and begging for release. Pulling back the hood he drips the cold paint, her orgasm hits as soon as the liquid hits the sensitive flesh. She screams in her release and he plunges inside her as rides the wave of her orgasm. He fucks her without mercy. Fast, hard strokes and she is ready to come again. They are slick with the red liquid, their bodies slide over each other, the pleasure builds in both of them. In the final seconds Faydra looks up to see gleaming fangs and feral eyes. Terror and release hit her at the same time, just as his teeth sink into her neck. The pull of her life liquid from her neck makes her cum over and over until she passes out. Sasha sucks and licks her body clean. He leaves her pale lifeless body in the chair and begins to paint her. He looks back longingly. He wants her again, but its never the same as the first time and the disappointment will bring frustration and violence. He was full anyway. The lust would fade as he worked to finish his painting. *** A loud knock on the window brought her around. A grizzled out man looked back at her and she screamed. Her neck was cramped and she felt like shit. Rolling down the window a blast of cold air hits her in the face waking her fully. “Jesus lady I thought you were dead. You look like hell.” “Whats going on.” Feydra tried to remember why she was in her car. “I was driving by and saw you on the side of the road. You need a tow or what cause I’m freezing my ass off.” Fedrya sat up straight in her seat and looked at her surroundings. Breaking down here felt like a slip of a memory on the other side of her foggy brain. Nothing made sense, except staying here wasn’t an option. She nodded to the old man and he went about his work. For more, visit Electa Graham’s Blog 33 | P a g e