ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 32

“What brings you out here in the middle of nowhere without even a coat. Its almost freezing.” “I was trying to get home for the weekend. I travel all over for my sales job and I was hoping to sleep in my own bed tonight. I have a coat I just didn’t feel like getting it out of my suitcase. I hate driving in a coat its so uncomfortable. I guess I should have made the effort.” “Have you a family that will be worried about you?” “No just a cat and a neighbor, but if I don’t make it home tonight, she’ll feed the cat and assume I was delayed.” “Well hopefully we will get you on your way soon.” “I’m sorry, I know this is inconvenient.” “Faydra” his voice was deep and lush, just the tone made her wet. “You are no inconvenience.” He was very close and she couldn’t remember him moving. His arm was on the back of the sofa behind her neck. “Thank-you. I’ll be out of your hair before you know it.” She tried to laugh, but his cool lips grazed her ear. “You are welcome in my home anytime. Someone as beautiful as you can stay as long as you need.” Faydra closed her eyes and stifled a moan. Clasping her hands together so she didn’t reach out and touch him. He ran his lips down her neck laying a quick kiss at the nape of her neck. “Would you like to see my studio?” She tried to clear her mind. A walk, even a short one might do her some good. He took her hand and she felt a buzz of electricity. He led her into a very large room. The moon was shining in and cast an eerie shadow over everything. Sasha flipped a switch and a dim light came on in the corner of the room. The room was wall to wall drop clothes and canvases strewn everywhere. Paint pots of all sizes and colours littered tables and the floor. A very large canvas leaned against the one bare wall. It looked taller than she was and wider than it was tall. Feydra was mesmerized by the outline of the woman in the picture, when he came up behind her. She leaned against him. His delicate hands rested on her shoulder. He smelled earthy and fresh. She wanted him to kiss her, but he stood there. His heat warmed her, her cheeks burned. He pushed her gently towards the canvas. She let him lead her there. “My beautiful Faydra, I have been waiting for you to come so I could finish my painting.” “What do you mean?” 32 | P a g e “I’ve been waiting for someone like you to come into my life, so I could finish this work.” A brief moment of panic started her heart into overdrive. A desperate need to leave over came any sense of decorum. Before she could move at all he grabbed her arms and held her in place. “Shhh” He kissed her neck and she calmed immediately. He reached around and untied her robe. “I need to see your luscious body.” Her glorious breasts fell in shadow, but he could see the outline. He lets the garment fall to the ground. She shivers as her warm flesh is exposed to the cold air. Goose bumps pepper her flesh. Cool lips press against the back of her neck then continued across her shoulder “Faydra... you are flawless.” Cupping her perfect breasts he rolled her nipples in between his fingers and thumbs, then he steps back and runs his hand down her back and cups her two cheeks. “Say my name my beauty. I want to hear it.” “Sasha” It was a breathy whisper. He walked around her. She looked up into his eyes. “Sasha.” She was dripping wet and when he parted the lips of her sweet pussy he was rewarded with her nectar coating his fingers. He brings them to his lips and licks them, then leans in and kisses her so she can taste herself on his tongue. Faydra is trying to concentrate. Something is wrong, but it feels so good. Just a single touch sends shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She should cover herself, but he has said she’s perfect. Why would she cover perfection. “Sit here my sexy muse.” He motioned to a chair that looked vaguely like a throne. She sat he positioned her so one leg was over the padded arm of the chair and the other on the floor. He had a perfect view of those silken pale curls and a hint of the pink tender flesh inside. He had her grip each arm of the chair so nothing was hidden from him. “Perfection. I will get my paints.” He returns naked. His pale skin and chiseled chest make him look like a greek statue. His cock is large and she licks her lips. The need to have him in her mouth was overwhelming. Carrying a jar of red paint and a brush, he smiles and kneels before her. “You are a better canvas then that one over there.” He kisses her. His tongue searches for hers and they play. He nibbles her full lips and she can’t remember ever being kissed with such skill. “Sasha” He doesn’t ask her but she needs to call out to him. His lips are now on her breasts, sucking her hard nipples into his hungry mouth. He stops and she opens her eyes to see him dip his brush into the dark red liquid. He smiles and circles each nipple with the cold paint XZ