ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 31

STRANDED MUSE Electa Graham Faydra’s piece of shit car had finally died. Why it had to die in the middle of fucking nowhere was another question. She hated cliches and a damsel in a wet dress walking up to a spooky mansion was certainly a cliche. Except this wasn’t a spooky mansion, it was an ultra modern home, complete with solar panels and a small wind turbine. Someone who cared that much about the environment couldn’t be a crazy psycho right? The door was cherry red and had an old fashioned knocker that looked odd on the modern steel door. Her hands were slick with rain and wouldn’t respond the way she wanted. It hurt to knock they were so frozen and in that moment she didn’t care if he was a homicidal maniac as long as he let her warm up first before he killed her. Hope filled her as she thought she heard movement on the other side of the door. The door flew open and a disheveled, very sexy man looked down at her. He wore a tight tshirt and loose fitting jeans. Covered from head to toe in all different colors of paint, he looked like a delicious bohemian mess. She could see him take her in through blueberry colored eyes. His full lips curved up in a smile and he looked totally different from a second ago. He pushed his dark messy curls back from his eyes and let loose a small burst of laughter. Faydra imagined a lot of scenarios, but this was far more bizarre then she had imagined. painting above the fireplace. A white canvas with a single swath of crimson and a smattering of droplets of the same color. Feeling like a fool Faydra tried to cover her jumpiness by pretending it was just a shiver from being cold. The man gave her a smirk that told her she was fooling no one. “You are freezing poor thing. Go upstairs the first door on the left is a guest room. There is a robe in the ensuite bathroom. Don’t worry, it’s big and puffy and covers much more then that transparent clingy dress, you know it really does show almost all your charms.” Looking down immediately she decided he had been exaggerating, but not by much. “Thank-you. I’d love to get out of this dress. Do you have a dryer I can use?” “Its in the same bathroom.” Faydra trudged up the stairs looking back to make sure he didn’t follow. He had already walked away and was heading into another room. He was charming in an assholy way. Speeding up the stairs she walked into a lavender room, decorated in such a way that she wanted to lay down on the down duvet and take a very long nap. “I’m sorry miss I don’t recall ordering a drowned rat, maybe you should try the next house.” His teeth were perfect and gleaming white. He was enjoying her discomfort. He was right about the robe and the dryer and she quickly changed and threw everything that was wet into the dryer. Her appearance was goulish. Mascara ran down her face, her hair was a tangled mess. Doing the best she could she fixed her hair into a pony tail and wiped off all her makeup. “Ha ha. I broke down a ways back and your house seems to be the only one around here.” He wasn’t around when she came back down so she sat on the overstuffed sofa in front of the fire. “Yes, I suppose your right, well in that case where are my manners, please come in and dry off. I would offer you the use of my phone, but I’m afraid I don’t have one.” “Feel better? You certainly look better. Here its a coffee with a little liquor to take the chill out of your bones.” He stood aside so she could come in, but she hesitated. Who doesn’t have a phone? A strong gust of wind whipped up and it push her in the door. Once inside the warmth was an immediate calming force. She could hear her mother now. Faydra you need an emergency kit for your car. What if something were to happen. You never take a coat with you even in the dead of winter. She hated when her mother was right almost as much as her mother loved being right. He placed his hand on the small of her back to guide her in, an intense sexual heat spread through her whole body and she caught herself starting to lean into him and straightened immediately. What was wrong with her. This guy was gorgeous, but