ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 3

ARTICLES CONTENTS Vampire Tropes That Need To Be Staked Brian Patrick Mckinley Why Is Scifi Sexy? -Patricia A. Knight In The Spotlight - Hunter S Jones Tips On Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse J. B. Cameron 5 Big Problems Facing Science Fiction Writers And How To Solve Them - M Joseph Murphy Coffee Chat With Kirstin Pulioff -Ally Shields Blacula And The Power Of Music -Danielle Devor Special Report – Transcript Of The Thulukans Danielle Devor Tokenism – Why I’m Furious At The Fantastic Four Casting -M Joseph Murphy Interview With Karen Plaisance Brian Patrick Mckinley Why I Ignored Everyone’s Advice And Wrote Another Damn Vampire Novel – Brian Patrick Mckinley In The Spotlight –Simon Okill -Maer Wilson Required Reading For Vampire Authors Brian Patrick Mckinley FICTION M Joseph Murphy - A Fallen Hero Rises Alex Mahon - When Midnight Falls Electa Graham -Stranded Muse Kirstin Pulioff - Sneak Peak Of The Escape Of Princess Madeline Travis Luedke – Excerpt from The Shepherd REVIEWS Lone Wolfe Rising By Jami Brumfield Live From The Road By P.C Zick Tilted Truth By Ken Boehs Perfection Unleashed By Jade Kerrion The Clay Lion By Amalie Jahn Lichgates By SM Boyce Bifrost Bridge By James Bradley Clark Orbs By Nicholas Sansbury Smith For Whom The Bell Tolls By Shane KP O’Neil` Tell Me When I’m Dead By Steven Ramirez Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again By Simon Okill The Unholy By Paul Deblassie The Shepherd By Travis Leudke Initio By Alyssa Auch Bentwhistle In A Chilling Revelation By Paul Crude Council Of Peacocks By M Joseph Murphy Rune: Episode IV Entombed By JH Glaze The Clearing By Thomas Rydder Luna Sanguis By Simon Okill The Edge By Leslie Lee PG.4 Pg. 04 Pg. 07 Pg. 09 Pg. 11 Pg. 13 Pg. 15 Pg. 16 Pg. 17 VAMPIRE TROOPES THAT NEED TO BE STAKES – PG 4 Pg. 19 Pg. 20 Pg. 21 Pg. 23 24 Pg. 26 Pg. 28 Pg. 30 Pg. 32 Pg. 35 Pg 36 Pg. 37 Pg. 38 Pg. 38 Pg. 39 Pg. 40 Pg. 40 Pg. 41 Pg. 42 Pg. 43 Pg. 44 Pg. 45 Pg. 45 Pg. 46 Pg. 46 Pg. 46 Pg. 47 Pg. 47 Pg. 48 Pg. 50 Pg. 50 Pg. 51 WHAT MAKES SCIFI SEXY – PG 7 IS TRAVIS LUEDKE THE NEXT RICHARD LAYMON? PG 44 3|Page