ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 20

The TV show Arrow introduced a new character, Diggle. Rather than leave him a token black character, he exists as a full character with an interesting back story. CONCLUSION Making Johnny Storm black is not creating diversity. It is a feeble, lazy way for studios to say “Look at how progressive we are.” If they wanted to be progressive, they would tell Luke Cage’s story. Or Kamala Khan’s. Or Black Panther. Or any of the dozens of other existing characters of color. Fox is not the only studio to do this. It seems every movie or TV show needs its token black person now. It’s ticking off the fans and angering people of color. Interview with Karen Griffin aka Karen Plaisance You may be fooling some people Fox, but you’re not fooling me. Shame on you. Original article with extra graphics on M Joseph Murphy’s Blog. Brian Patrick McKinley My series of interviews with the authors of Fresh Blood continues today with the talented (and very funny) Karen Griffin! 1. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? My name is not Karen Plaisance. Karen Plaisance is the name I use to hide from the voices. I am a hack writer/blogger/massage therapist. I don’t do happy ending. If you ask, I’m legally allowed to kill you with my t-bar. I’ve been writing since I was five. To be fair,A is for Apal wasn’t the bestseller I thought it would be, but I’m hoping for better sales with the reprint. I think it’ll do well with today’s hipster market. No happy ending! You have been warned. Brian: Which story did you contribute to Fresh Blood and what made you want to write that story? Karen: The story “Ghosts and Houseguests” started out as an unpublished novel I wrote years ago that I shortened for the anthology. I got the idea for the character Dori before I came up with the plot. A child vampire seemingly dependent on her elders turns out to be the oldest known vampire in existence. She runs New Orleans and who knows what else? And she likes dumpster diving and can’t keep track of time to save her unlife. I loved the irony. Brian: What other work have you done? Karen: I wrote a book a while back called Mercy Bound. A fated death oracle is accidentally blood bound to a vampire when a job interview goes horribly wrong. The leader of the New Orleans vamps wants to use her for her gift, a group of 20 | P a g e vampire hunters wants her on their side so they can destroy the New Orleans vamps, and her vegan/witch aunt just wants her home