ASMSG Scifi Fantasy Paranormal Emagazine March 2014 - Page 17

SPECIAL REPORT-Transcript of the Thulukans. Maer Wilson’s Portals Danielle DeVor (Editor’s Note: These notes were not published back in the early part of the 21st century as the reporter had hoped, but have been recently found in a private archive. The reporter had hacked into secret FBI files,among other officialsources. We did receive permission from the Thulukans to publish them at this time.) It should be noted that the following report and excerpts from interviews with the Thulukans was gathered at great risk to this reporter. This reporter was forced to research various sources to extract information. It is well known that this new power couple – friends to such magical powerhouses as Prince Belus, Elven delegate to Earth – are well-placed and heavily involved in offworld interactions. However, efforts to find out exactly what their roles are have met with numerous roadblocks. It’s also known that the Thulukans have some interesting abilities, but the true scope of those abilities is still unknown. For that reason we are publishing these excerpts anonymously. (And hoping thulukans don’t mind.) (Editor’s Note: Obviously Thulukans did mind.) the ` Fiona Thulukan, also known as La Fi, in a transcript of an conversation recorded in front of Thulukan residence. audio Interviewer: Could you tell us what abilities you have? What about your husband? What exactly can he do? La Fi: And how is that your business? Interviewer: The world is interested in you. La Fi: Why? Interviewer: Well, let’s see...friend of elves, heavily involved in some way with the events surrounding the opening of portals and return of magic. Um, hey...come back! Transcript ends Erik Thulukan, III, also known as Thulu. Transcript of audio interview in front of Thulukan residence. Interviewer: Hey, Thulu, could you answer just a few questions? Thulu (recording boosted, as he is soft-spoken): Depends on the questions. Interviewer: What abilities do you and your wife have and how did you become involved with the elves and other magical races? Thulu: We can see and hear the dead. I can find anyone that’s lost. And we were hired to assist in a situation prior to the portal openings. Unfortunately, that’s all I can say due to client confidentiality. I’m sure you can appreciate how important it is to keep that confidentiality when dealing with powerful magical folk. (A quiet chuckle, presumably Thulu’s.) Interviewer: Will you be involved in the new talks being set up? Thulu: I can’t imagine why we would be. Transcript ends 17 | P a g e